Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, Chicky just finished her second day back at school ... she is now a big Grade 6er ... the last year of primary school.

She was really excited yesterday, when she was getting ready. She wanted to go at 8.30am (school doesn't start until 9.00am) so she could catch up with all her friends before class. She came home just as excited ... she had had a good day, her teacher was cool, her classmates were great. They didn't do much school work yesterday, just a lot of discussion about what this year is all about, and other orientation sort of stuff.

Today, however, they did some work ... all I got out of her was some Maths, mapping stuff (I'm guessing Geography), and Music. I'm sure there was other subjects, but you know kids ... they never tell you much. My Chicky will tell me what she did today, probably on Friday !!! I guess some things take a long time to compute !!! Whenever something interesting pops into her head !!!

She seems happy, and I hope that continues. Her new teacher is somewhat stricter than those she has had in the past. Her previous teachers have all been really soft, warm, loving types. This one is fairly strict, and somewhat cooler towards the kids. They appear to like her, though. I have heard good stories about her, and how she is excellent at preparing the kids for next year ... High School (Secondary School), where life is very different.

I imagine, as the days go by, and they start to get homework, Chicky will come home from school a bit disillusioned ... she doesn't like homework (what kid does !!). This year will be tougher for her, but she should cope just fine. She is not a "brilliant" student ... rather a middle of the road, Miss Average type child. She "goes with the flow" so to speak, happily completing everything, but not necessarily excelling at anything. That's OK, she does her best. Perhaps this year we may see her start to fly ... who knows. As long as she is happy, doing her best, and keeping up with what is required of her, that's all that matters.

So, there you go, my almost 12 year old is back at school. My husband is on day shift. I have a routine again. Guess what I did today ??? I went to the local Trash & Treasure / Craft / Fruit & Veg market with my mother. Tomorrow I am going shopping for groceries, again with my mother. Friday I am helping in the school canteen. It's nice to be busy again. Oh, yeah ... I have had some typing to do, too (don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I run a small home based typing service ... business has been very slow lately, hopefully it is now on the turn-around !). My life is not particularly exciting, but I like it.

Hope you all have a great day.

Take care,



Michelle said...

Glad she had a good first day back. We go to Grade 7 here in State school so even though my "A" is in grade 6 this year she still has another year left in State School.

Meow said...

I really think they should sort out the Australian Education System, so that all states are the same. It is so wrong that different parts of the same country do things differently. We are one country, after all. Makes it very confusing. Even the school holidays are often different. Weird !!

Michelle said...

I agree. It makes life very difficult when moving from State to State, with every State being so different. At least they do provide tests for the kids to sit before putting them in a grade where they may or may not be able to cope. As for the holidays, they too should be uniform.

Meow said...

I wonder if everyone thinks that way ... it is just such a weird system (well, no system, really). Uniformity ... that's the word I couldn't think of when answering your comment before - I had a mental blank. Great word. Thanks, Michelle. Take care, Meow

Karen Hevesy said...

I also have a 6th grader, who came home and told me that the Math they were taking was not "age appropriate". I figure he may be a rebal but he'll have a great vocabulary. Did you just come off a full summer vacation? We take 3 months June, July and August.

Viamarie said...

I definitely agree! Here in the Philippines, school year starts June and ends March. Kids who want to spend their summer holidays in other countries don't get to enjoy it because their friends are at school. Same thing when their friends come over for a visit.

Viamarie said...

Btw, I was tagged by Friday's Child, so I hope you don't mind my tagging you.

Neo said...

Meow - Good to hear she's got a good teacher. Sometimes the strict one's tend to be the biggest softies in the end. My 6th grade teacher was like that. I'll have to tell the story sometime.

Good luck with the typing. ;)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Meow said...

Karen, we just came off a 6 week summer vacation (that's all we get !!) ... from 21st December until 30th January. We also get 4 school terms, with 2 weeks break in between ... so I guess in all we get 12 weeks a year !! Think I'd like 3 months, though ...that would be good !!

Viamarie, that would be hard. At least here they have holidays at roughly the same time (give or take a week or two !!). I am working on the meme as we speak !!

Neo, thank you. Hopefully this teacher will be good for her.

Take care all, Meow

Kylee said...

Good luck. Glad it started out good and I hope it continues. I can imagine myself being very nervous each year as my Steve starts with a new teacher and set of expectations.

BTW all things are different within districts here...everyone does a little of their own thing. You never know what you are going to get...your not alone with the differences...

Lisa said...

My oldest girlie is in grade 6 too .

It is a fun age.

Meow said...

Kylee, thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure Chicky will be fine, as will Steve when his time comes.

Lisa, it is a fun age ... but, puberty is on it's way. Oh no !!

Take care, Meow