Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday In Photos

Just wanted to share some photos I took whilst wandering around my garden yesterday with my camera, fiddling with the macro function. This first on is of the apricot tree blossoms.

I just had to include another one of Bambi in the apricot tree ... she is such a show-off.

A camellia from my ancient camellia bush.

Daffodils in next door's front yard.

Some blossoms on my flowering plum tree on the nature strip ... strangely they are coming straight out of the trunk !!

Another one of my beautiful Bambi ... she seems to like having her photo taken !!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Saturday, and that Sunday is more of the same. We have been fortunate with the weather ... mild temperatures and much sunshine. Today (Sunday) is forecast to be a very mild 19ºC (about 66ºF) ... beautiful ... and I think we are going for a little Sunday Drive. I will take my camera, and will hopefully share some more photos with you all tomorrow.

Take care,



FruitfulSpirit said...

I know I seem like a stranger I really am not. I will email you in a few. These are great shots. That Bambi is some sweet kittie cat! I think you take wonderful shots. Love all of them. I hope you are having a great weekend. We have the granddaughter and her parents down. I posted a few shots of her! Have a great day!

Meow said...

Fruitfulspirit ... thank you so much. I love taking photos, and trying different things ... the macro is amazing, and allows me to see things from a different angle !! Your photos on your blog are gorgeous. Thanks again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care, Meow

Jon Cox said...

O WOW!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

Diane said...

Beautiful photos, Meow! My favorite one is Bambi on the grass. ;D

Michelle said...

Pretty Camellia :o)

Meow said...

Jon Cox ... thank you.

Diane ... thank you, that's my favourite, too.

Michelle ... thank you. It's such a pretty sight when the camellia bush is in full flower.

Take care, Meow

Clare said...

Awesome pictures Meow and Bambi is so cute :).

PEA said...

What beautiful pictures and I was amazed to see the blossoms coming right out of the tree trunk!! Never seen that before! Bambi is such a gorgeous cat!!!

3catsmeow4me said...

Wow, what beautiful photos, I love them.

Meow said...

Clare ... thank you. And isn't she just !!!

Pea ... thank you. It was strange that the blossoms were just coming out of the trunk like that ... very odd, but very photogenic !!!

3catsmeow4me ... thank you.

Take care, have a great week, Meow