Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh My Goodness, The Week's Over Again ...

Hello everyone !!

I hope you have all been well. I have been quite busy since my last post (on Tuesday), but I really haven't done anything exciting to tell you about. I have had some typing to do for a client; I have been to the retirement village to do some typing for my elderly friend; I spent half of Thursday with my mum shopping; Chicky and I had dinner at my parent's place on Wednesday night; I have been fiddling (some more !!) with my music for my iPod; I spent some time at the boarding Cattery where I sometimes work, helping out for a short while. But, nothing particularly out of the ordinary, or exciting, really. Oh well !!

My parents recently came back from Hervey Bay, in Queensland, and they went whale watching. I thought I might share a couple of their photos ...

Whales are such majestic, beautiful creatures. I hope I get the chance to see some in the wild one day. When we are in Queensland, it is never the right time, or we are in the wrong place, or something like that !!

I have been trying to put together a sample itinerary for our upcoming week-long trip to Broken Hill and the north-western part of New South Wales. It has been interesting. We tried to work out the most economical way to see as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means putting the tents up and down a few times during the week, rather than basing ourselves in one place, and driving back and forward to various places we want to see. This would essentially double up our petrol, and with the price of petrol as high as it is at the moment (and it will only get higher), we thought better to have a bit more work, than pay out so much extra on fuel. Anyway, we are catching up with the people who will be travelling with us, on Sunday, and will discuss our plans. Should be a great day.

Last week there was a flock of white cockatoos in the area, and I managed to catch a photo of one of them at the top of one of our pencil-pine type trees. It was waving about in the breeze ... looked quite comical, really.

I guess I don't really have much else to say, other than to wish you all a wonderful and safe weekend. I will be dropping by all your blogs in the next day or so, and hopefully will become more regular with my blogging (I think I might have said that last post, though !!).

So, take care, friends.



Autumn said...

Love the photos. Enjoy your weekend. We are heading out of town (about an hour away) going to play tourist and do a ghost walk. Its a bit early for such things since Halloween is not until Oct. but I thought it might be fun..take care

Kali said...

I enjoyed your pictures Meow...I hope you have a very pleasant weekend my friend! K. xx

Jeanette said...

Hi meow
Nice photo's of the whales Ive never been there at the right time either.
Have a good weekend and hope your footy team wins. take care

Peter said...

Great whale shots Meow, cockatoos are really comical birds when they put their minds to it.

Tigersan said...

Wow... what a pretty bird! Cockatoos are cute! The whales have nice tails ;)

Reverberate58 said...

I really wish you would quit worring about not visiting everyday! It is ok! At least I feel it is, I am not an everyday blogger and you don't have to be either.

Your parents took some awesome shots. How majestic and just too cool.

The bird in your tree is beautiful. I had one once just like it. Too noisy for me! But the dog I had at the time loved it!

Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

3catsmeow4me said...

Good Pictures. Thats a big whale, I've never seen one before, even living on the beach.

Tab said...

that was an awesome post Meow..!
family time,whales and flocks of cockatoos! I love it!

Alice said...

We get peacocks round here.

There's a big impressive mansion nearby and sometimes they fly over from the gardens.

We had one land on our shed roof a couple of weeks ago.

Surprisingly enough, no-one challenged it.

- Big birds, peacocks.

Anyway, WOW! I would have LOVED to have seen that. Your friends are so LUCKY!

Those pitcures are beautiful! I can't believe they managed to get that close!

Again. Wow.

The bird is really cute. I read a kids adventure book once that had one of them: it was called Kiki and belonged to a boy called Jack. There were four of them: Jack, Lucy-Ann, Philip, and Dana. They had adventures with an undercover cop called Bill Smugs.

No idea what the book(s) are called, or who wrote it, but I loved them when I was a kid.

Anyway, I liked it.

Have a great weekend.


Chloe said...

stop worrying Meow, just visit when you can. It's not like we are employed by Blogger (i wish! :))
I love the whale photos.
bye from me, going away for a week. xx

Dick said...

I like the photos you posted. Was the first one taken with a long lens? If not, the whale breached pretty close to the boat they were on.

I know what you mean about fuel prices. That is one of the reasons I am having second thoughts about my making a Snowbird trip south this winter. I could stay home & save some money. Maybe just fly down for a shorter time. Although, flying just got a lot more complicated.

Meow said...

Autumn ... thank you. Your ghost walk sounds interesting. Looking forward to reading all about it.

Kali ... thank you. You too.

Jeanette ... thank you. Don't know about the footy team ... Hawthorn aren't doing too well this season, oh well !!

Peter ... thank you. I love cockatoos, even though they are such a pest and destroy so much ... they are beautiful birds.

Tigersan ... thank you.

Reverberate ... thank you, and I know what you are saying about blogging. I just feel that I started out blogging daily (and more), and have now come down to twice a week, if I'm lucky. Gotta get used to it, I guess !!

3catsmeow4me ... thank you. I've never seen whales, either. Such a shame !!

Tab ... thank you, you are always so sweet.

Alice ... thank you. The peacocks would've been amazing, such beautiful birds. I like the sound of the kids book, must look it up ... kids books are so much fun.

Chloe ... thank you, and have a wonderful week away. Look after yourself.

Dick ... thank you. Not sure about the camera, but they were really lucky with the whales ... they did come really close. Fuel prices are scaring people off road holidays, I think, but it's not going to change ... prices will continue to go up, we can't stay at home forever !!

Take care friends, and have a wonderful weekend.
Bye for now, Meow

Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ I agree with Reverberate58 that you do not have to post every day, just when you feel like it. The photos are awesome of the whales and the cockato is funny in the breeze.I went to Healesville Sanctuary when I was about 7 or 8 and said Pretty Cocky
to one of them and it bit my small finger to the bone, so I am not a fan! Thanks for your comments. Crockpots are fabulous. I often cook a casserole, or soup or corned beef
Put it on overnight and in the morning it's cooked.Or put on in
the am and it's ready for dinner.
Think aout it. Take care, Merle.

LoraLoo said...

That is so funny to imagine a flock of cockatoos flying wild... you'd never see that around these parts!

Beautiful whale pictures. They are so beautiful and majestic, indeed!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Granny said...

Here I am - late again as usual.

Love the whales.

I don't always get around to everyone either.

I need to start from the bottom of bloglines instead of the top. By the time I reach the P's, I'm done in.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Beautiful whale photographs! I hope to go on a whale-watching trip in the autumn -- your pictures have inspired me to keep saving! :)

Michelle said...

Fantastic whale photos! Seen plenty of dolphins up close and sea turtles but never a whale...fabulous!

Meow said...

Merle ... thank you, and I know ... it's just me, I guess. Hope your finger recovered from the evil Cocky bite !!! I'm looking at getting a crockpot ... might ask your advice !!

Loraloo ... thank you. It is amazing to see a flock of them flying ... they are terribly noisy, but I think they are beautiful.

Granny ... I know what you mean. It sometimes takes me hours to get through my list !!

Kimber ... thank you. I hope to see some myself, one day !!!

Michelle ... thanks. Do the whales not hang out in your part of the ocean ??? Didn't know that.

Take care, Meow

Marcus said...

Amazing whale photos. We won a whale watching cruise as a prize at a quiz night on Friday night so I'm keen to get out for a closer look, we've been down to Augusta a couple of times to look for them from the coast but only seen them at a great distance.
Close up would be awesome.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

It must be something to see animals like that!

Meow said...

Marcus ... I would soooo love to see whales so close. Hopefully one day. Enjoy your trip ... wow, a winner !! Well done !!

DaybyDay ... I agree. The photos are amazing.

Take care, Meow

Margaret said...

Hi Meow, Love the photos,The sunshine coast where I live is just a bit south of Hervey Bay. When my husband and I lived at Tin Can Bay we used to visit Hervey Bay wuite a Bit. Thanks for the comments on my cats,and birthday wishes. Cheers Margaret.

Meow said...

Margaret ... thanks. It's a wonderful area. Hope you are well, and had a great birthday. Take care, Meow