Friday, August 04, 2006

This is a flowering plum (or is it cherry ... not sure) out on the nature strip. The council planted it a few years ago. It is flowering rather early, I think. But it is soooo pretty. I took this yesterday afternoon, not too long after the shower that produced the rainbow I shared with you yesterday.


Autumn said...

Oh both the blooms in your last few post are so pretty!

Meow said...

Autumn ... thank you. I would've preferred them to be all in one post though ... naughty blogger !!
Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

gorgeous trees!
so, what is the coldest it got there over the winter?

Meow said...

Susie ... I think the coldest it got here during Winter was during the day was about 9C(48F) and at night about 2C(35F) ... not too cold really, but certainly cold enough for us !!
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow xx