Sunday, April 09, 2006

The State Where I LIve ...

For the lack of much else to say at the moment, I thought I might share with you some facts about where I live ... Victoria, Australia.

I borrowed some details from Victorian information websites ... most of this is not my own words !!


POPULATION: 3.5 Million.

CAPITAL: Melbourne
AREA: 227,600 Sq Km ... roughly the size of the British Isles
LOCATION: In the South-eastern corner of the mainland of Australia.
CLIMATE: Highest temp. 50.8, C at Mildura in the north-west. -12.8. at Mt. Hotham in the Snowy Mountains.

Victoria (usually) has a high rainfall, with extremes of heat in summer in the western and north western regions. (At this state of time, we are still in drought conditions throughout most of the State ... I think ... and have been on permanent water restrictions for a few years now.)

Melbourne was first settled in 1835.

Victoria is Australia's smallest mainland state with 1800 km of coastline.

Victoria floral emblem is the Common Heath (Epacris impressa).

Victoria's capital, Melbourne is located around the shores of Port Phillip Bay. The city itself sits beside the Yarra River, about five kilometres from the bay. Renowned for its sense of style and elegance, Melbourne boasts glamorous festivals and events, Australia's best shopping, a lively passion for eating and drinking, and a flourishing interest in the arts. Great vestiges of nineteenth-century architecture, built following the discovery of gold, are heady reminders of a prosperous age, while beautifully tended parks and gardens present a therapeutic respite from the pace of city life.

Melbourne's Flinders Street Station

Victoria’s regions:
Victoria is a small state ... it is broken down into 11 regions, for the sake of tourism.

Melbourne ... A city of world-class events, shopping, food and wine, and a fabulous arts scene.
Macedon Ranges & Spa Country ...Everything you need for the indulgent short break or weekend away.
Yarra Valley, Dandenongs & the Ranges ...Victorian fine wine and tall forests under an hour from Melbourne.
Mornington Peninsula ... Olive groves and vineyards with sea views, and great local restaurants and markets.
Phillip Island ... A popular destination for families, lovers of water sports and wildlife.
Great Ocean Road ... Stunning ocean views, beachside activities, laidback coastal towns and maritime villages.
Goldfields ... Spectacular historic towns, architecture and gold history.
Grampians ... Adventure activities, superb national and state parks and native wildlife.
Legends, Wine & High Country ... Nature-based adventure, food and wine in alpine landscapes.
Gippsland ... Coastal wilderness, national forests, mountain streams, and spectacular touring routes.
The Murray ... Home to Australia's longest river, deserts and wetlands.

I have lived most of my life in Melbourne (or a suburb thereof), and find it a wonderful place to live. I have done some travelling throughout various states of Australia, but would prefer to live right where I am. We have the luxury (??) of experiencing all 4 seasons (sometimes all in one day !!), but do not really get the extremes in weather (although we do have some very, very hot days in Summer). If we want "real" Winter temperatures, and snow, we are only a few hours away from the ski fields ... we have great snow most Winters, and the ski fields are amazing.

I hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of the part of the world I live in. I may take some of my favorite parts of Victoria, and provide you with some information and photos, at another time ... so that you may discover some more of the life of Meow.

I hope your weekend is going wonderfully ... it is now just after 1pm on Sunday afternoon ... not much left of my weekend !!

Take care everyone,



Jenn said...

Sounds like an amazing place to live!

Meow said...

Oh, it is ... it is !!!
Have a great weekend, Meow

True Blue Guy said...

4 seasons in one day :-) - I love that. Thanks for the geography. I love geography. When I was a kid studying geography I used to wish I had the money to travel. Now, I have the money, but no time :(

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


LZ Blogger said...

I am really sorry that we were not able to visit your state when we were in Australia last summer. We only had time for a week in Sydney, a week in Surfers Paradise and then on up for two days in Brisbane, before going on to New Zealand and Tahiti. Maybe we'll have a chance on our next trip there. It looks very pretty (in your picture of Melbourne). ~ jb///

Meow said...

True Blue Guy ... it's true, we do have 4 seasons in one day sometimes. It can be a gorgeous summer day ... really hot, then it starts raining, the temp drops, it hails (yes, hails ... on a summer's day) ... then it clears up, get sunny and mild, then hot and steamy. Once, it was 2nd January (our summer), we went 4WD in the high country, and it got cold, and started snowing ... it was really bizarre !! We can have some very odd weather !
Take care, Meow

Meow said...

LZ Blogger ... you must have been commenting at the same time as I was !!
It is very pretty here ... we are not known as the Garden State for nothing. The city has heaps of parks and gardens, and the suburbs are very green.
Maybe next trip ... pop in and visit, why don't you !!
Take care, Meow

Feathers said...

Well when I win the lottery, I will come and visit you! :) It sounds wonderful where you live - I have always loved looking at maps and the Atlas, I would travel all the time if I could. You have the 4 seasons so what more could you ask for.

I just noticed your link to your arts and crafts - don't know if I was having a "blonde moment" and it was there all along, or if it is new. Anyway, your paintings and crafts are beautiful, and of course, I especially love the painting of the lesser sulphur crested cockatoos!

Dick said...

One of my sons is in the Navy and has made port calls in Australia. It is one of his two favorite places to visit - the other is Hong Kong. I will ask him if he has been to Melbourne.

Meow said...

Feathers ... please do come and visit ... I'll have the guest room ready !!
The "Craft" site has been there for quite a while, now !! I knew you would like that picture ... it is on my living room wall, I love to look at it.

Dick ... we have a (maybe more, I don't know) naval base near Melbourne ... HMAS Cerberus ... I know it is a training base, and is quite big. We often have naval ships drop in ... maybe your son has been here !!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. Take care, Meow

Granny said...

Thanks for all the info. I have another Melbourne (or vicinity) visitor who was kind enough to send the girls a couple of books on the area as well.

Meow said...

Granny ... there are lots of nice books about Melbourne (as I guess there are lots of nice books about most cities !!). I hope the girls enjoyed the book ... there must have been some lovely photos therein.
Take care, Meow

Michelle said...

There are many many things i miss about Melbourne. I still class it as home BUT the 4 seasons in one day sucks big time. At least in Queensland we know exactly what the weather will be like...."Beautiful one day, perfect the next"!!

Meow said...

Michelle ... yeah, the 4 seasons in one day does suck, at times. But what I really like about Melbourne is the variety in the weather ... Queensland is great - "Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next" ... but I like the anticipation of our weather forecast, and wondering what we are in for today - warm or cold !! Keeps us on the hop !! And it is really nice to have 2 distinct wardrobes ... summer clothes & winter clothes.
Anyway, lets agree to disagree ... we both love where we live !!
Take care, Meow

kimananda said...

What a great informative post! I was in Australia once, when I was working as an airline employee (which was a long time ago!), and I was based with distant relatives in a very rural suburb of Melbourne, but I don't remember very much about Melbourne itself. I'd love to go back, to there and to Alice Springs/Uluru (which I also went to on that trip)...and elsewhere. I look forward to seeing more about your wonderful state.

Meow said...

Kimananda ... thank you. When I was trying to decide what to post, I was tossing up between my homestate of Victoria, or a holiday destination we have been to. We went to Ayers Rock in 1990 ... and I have some lovely photos thereof. Once I have posted various Victoria articles, I may go on to interstate places I have visited ... Ayers Rock will be the first !!
Hope your weekend is going (or has gone) well. Take care, Meow

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Thank you for putting things more into perpective for us!

I can have all for seasons here where I live too. expecially at this time of the year.

I have driven to work with the heat on drove home with the AC and then it snowed through the night.

Mother Nature!

Meow said...

DaybyDay ... sounds like you enjoy some unusual weather, too. Isn't Mother Nature a scream, sometimes. I think it makes life interesting, though.
Have a great week, take care, Meow

Viamarie said...

Truly a beautiful place. Would love to see it one day.


Sonia said...

Sure, I enjoyed this snippet of the part of the world you live in.
So beautiful and plenty of events and cultural attractions, I think.
I would love to see photos of your neighborhood, your house and garden, too. It's possible?
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Jamie Dawn said...

My mother visited Austalia on business last year.
She was in Sydney and then had a brief tour by car to some surrounding places. Her time there was short and it was very cold at the time.
I would love to be able to visit there some day and have plenty of time to explore some of your wonderful places. Melbourne sounds beautiful. I would want to visit the "spa county" for sure!!

Chloe said...

i did enjoy that! you are so far away but you gave me a pretty good idea of your surroundings.
you live in a fabulous place kitty.

Meow said...

Viamarie ... thank you ... do come and visit sometime.

Sonia ... I will take some new photos of my house, garden and neighbourhood soon. My garden is a bit of a mess at the moment, though.

Jamie ... Spa Country is gorgeous ... there are heaps of mineral spas and resorts there for people to enjoy.

Chloe ... thank you, it is a fabulous place ... it's a shame I didn't have more photos to share. It's so weird ... I don't have any photos of my own city ... I had to get them off the internet !! Must do a tourist thing and get photos !!

Have a great week, everyone.
Take care, Meow

ascoey said...

Yours is by far the greatest city I have visited. And deep within the greatest city is the greatest night out. Bingo night at the Terminus in Richmond is the most entertaining night possible in the most amzing bar ever. It makes me want to jump on the plane tomorrow.

Peter said...

Hi Meow, of all strange things, I'm an Aussie but I'm here via Jamie Dawn, a Yank.
I really enjoyed that tour of my old home State, I have just done, or maybe started, a pictorial look at Oz that you might be interested in, if you don't mind I will link your site to my next post.
Look forward to more.

Meow said...

Ascoey ... thanks for visiting. Can't say I've ever been to the Terminus Bar, but I'll take your word for it !! Melbourne is a beautiful place, however.

Peter ... thank you, too, for visiting. I paid a visit to your site, too ... love your photos. Feel free to link me, that would be great. Wow, another Melbournite living in Queensland ... what's with that !!!

Have a great week, everyone. Take care, Meow

Kyahgirl said...

Meow! that was so interesting. Makes me want to come and visit :-)

Kylee said...

Wow how very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have a great week.

Meow said...

Kyahgirl ... thank you. Oooh, please do come and visit !!

Kylee ... thank you, you too.

Have a wonderful week, my friends. Take care, Meow

Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ This is a great post, about
our State. I enjoyed it and haave seen quite a few of those places.
BTW Peter is my brother and has also
posted some Australian photos & info.
Have a happy Easter. Cheers, Merle.

Meow said...

Hi Merle ... thank you. I am working on a few other posts, about specific parts of Victoria ... places i love ... so stay tuned !! Peter and I have exchanged addresses for the postcard exchange.
Have a great day, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
what a lovely post I love the info and esp knowing more about you , it is very interesting I thought they were all different places not as you stated , NOW
I feel like the Country mouse has meet the City Mouse or rather Cat!

Meow said...

Hi Greeneyes ... thank you. This City Cat is not really a city cat ... more like a suburban cat !!
Hope you have been well. Have a lovely day, take care, Meow xx