Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Postcards, and Memes ....

I was terribly excited when I went to my letterbox yesterday, and found 4 postcards. I love getting mail, especially from new friends.

I got one from DaybyDay, showing some work from the Detroit Art Museum ....

There were two (yes, two) from LoraLoo, from Las Vegas (seems she couldn't make up her mind between a day-time view and a night-time view !!) ...

And one from a fellow Aussie, Peter, from the Kuranda Scenic Railway, near Cairns in Far North Queensland ...

Thank you, friends, for sharing a part of your world with me.

I wrote my cards last night, and will post them all today, so for those of you who exchanged addresses with me ... stay tuned to your letterboxes (although I wouldn't be in any hurry ... I don't imagine Australia Post will get them to you in under a week !!).

I was tagged by Viamarie for this meme ... it is all about 10 SIMPLE PLEASURES ...

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

So, here goes, in no particular order ...

1. Enjoying loving cuddles from my daughter and husband.
2. Listening to the contented purring of my beloved kitty cat.
3. Being happy to be alive in this wonderful world we live in.
4. Blogging.
5. Reading a wonderful book.
6. Listening to the innocent laughter of children.
7. Sunshine.
8. Listening to the rain falling on the roof, knowing that I am inside, warm and dry.
9. Chocolate ... in all shapes and forms.
10. Holidays with my family and friends.

I don't know that I will tag 10 people, but I will tag a few .... Greeneyes, Nicole, Chloe, DaybyDay, Kyahgirl, Feathers, and anyone else who cares to be tagged ... I'll leave it up to you !!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Take care, until next time ...



Nicole said...

If there is one thing I am good at it is being grateful for the simple things in life. Wouldnt life be hectic if we couldnt have our simple pleasures? Thanks Connie, hugs x0x

ps. still looking for a postcard.

LZ Blogger said...

Have I got post cards?! Not really, but I sure have sent a lot of them! ~ jb///

Dick said...

I sent off one last week that was a scene from Arizona and one today (it won't go out until tomottow) of Tulip Town here in Washington State. I doubt either of them will get there too soon, either.

Your list is a good one.

LoraLoo said...

I love your list. I just may have to find the time to post my own list.

How exciting it was to see my postcards! I really loved to see the others you posted too - that view from near Cairns, Australia was breathtaking.

Bar Bar A said...

What a fun list!!! And cool postcards! I want a postcard from Lora too!!! And from you :)

Meow said...

Nicole ... simple pleasures are simply the best !! Nothing can beat them !! I posted your postcard today !!

LZ Blogger ... do you want to be part of the postcard exchange ??

Dick ... I received one from you today ... will post it on blog tomorrow. Thank you.

Loraloo ... I though the list was a beautiful idea, and was glad Viamarie tagged me. Thank you, I just love your postcards. I am going to put together a collage of all the postcards I receive, somehow !!

Have a great day eveyone, take care, Meow

Meow said...

Barbara .. you must have been commenting as I was, so I missed yours !! Now I have your address, a postcard will be on it's way asap. Have a wonderful day, take care, Meow

True Blue Guy said...

Nice list !

Sunshine is top on my list. there are so many times that the sunshine has been my friends and lifted me out of the blue


Meow said...

True Blue Guy ... yep, sunshine is one of the best things to lift the blues.
Hope your week is going well. Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

I like your ten things.
Chocolate makes the world go 'round.
(Well, maybe not, but it certainly is a great pleasure!)

Viamarie said...

Postcard exchange sound very interesting. How do I join?

Great list. Like #s 8 & 9.

A lovely day to you!

Meow said...

Jamie ... thank you ... mmmmmm, chocolate !!!

Viamarie ... thank you. But, I already have an address from you ... I am confused now !!!

Take care all, Meow

Peter said...

you will have to post a photo of your collage when it's done.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Here's a postcard from us to you. I'll send you others over the next couple days. The internet's faster than mail! ;o)

Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like you are going to be getting a bunch of postcards. It will be really fun to see all of them.


Badoozie said...

okay i'm going to go buy some postcards. really. this time for sure.

i like the simple things too. thats a good list, but you used blogging. thats my fav. also good is warm shower water, soft fuzzy socks, comfy pj pants, yummy smelling lotion, clean sheets, fresh air, cracking jokes with my son, cheering him up, staying in the mountains, the smell of the woods by a creek, and clear skin.

Meow said...

Peter ... I guess I will have to do that !!!

Saurkraut ... thank you, but that's cheating !!!! You didn't use a pen !!!

Connie ... yep, I hope there will be a few !! Thank you.

Susie ... oooh, I like your list, too. So many lovely things. Thanks for sharing.

Take care, Meow

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post card. (and your others too)
I'm not good at getting around to those meme's but I'll do it one day and your'll be surprised.

Jenn said...

Cool postcard collection. I'll send you one if I can get your address. Hmmm... I'm wondering what it would be... probably Niagara Falls. I live 45 minutes from Niagara Falls.

Feathers said...

Hi Meow!

I have my answers to the 10 simple pleasures, on my site. Thanks for the tag!

P.S. Your postcard is on the way, I mailed it Monday :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

beautiful postcards...

and i love all your simple pleasures:)

Tab said...

That is why I like you Meow..
we like the same simple pleasures!
Thanks for sharing~

Maddy said...

i will try this - fun one!!!


Meow said...

DaybyDay ... thank you, I loved my postcard. I know you are busy, and not everyone gets around to meme's ... that's cool !!

Jenn ... thank you, I will email you.

Feathers ... you are welcome ... I will head over and read it soon.

Bossy Britches ... thank you.

Tab ... aww, shucks !!! Thank you, and you are welcome !!

Maddy ... great ... I'll pop on over soon.

Take care everyone, have a great Thursday. Bye for now, Meow