Monday, May 29, 2006

Welcome To Monday ...

Hello Friends ...

It is a cool, overcast Monday morning here in Victoria, Australia. It rained most of yesterday, on and off, and still looks quite wet outside (although nothing is currently falling from the sky !). I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying lovely sunshine and warmth.

My weekend was a nice one, fairly busy, and a lot of fun.

Saturday morning Chicky had her weekly netball game ... boy, this one was a ripper !! The two teams were fairly evenly matched, and it made for a great game. Chicky's team ended up winning 29 to 26 ... but it came close at the end !! It was so exciting, us parents were cheering like mad. The girls were so pleased that they had won, as the past couple of weeks had been losses, so their morale needed this win. It was wonderful.

Saturday evening I did a bit of baking ... nothing particularly exciting, just a cake or two. It was Hubby's birthday, but we were celebrating on Sunday, so Saturday had been a day of tidying up around the house, ready for visitors. We ended up having pizza for dinner ... as neither of us felt like cooking, and the pizza was home-delivered !!

Sunday was lovely, with Hubby's birthday visitors ... mainly family. It was a nice afternoon, with coffee, cake, drinks and nibblies. Lots of chatting, and lots of fun. He got some nice presents, which he is pleased about. My parents stayed somewhat later than everyone else (who had left by 6pm), as we watched our favourite TV show together.

I didn't do a lot of blogging over the weekend, just the odd visit here and there, so I intend visiting everyone throughout today. I know a lot of you are still on weekend time, as you have Monday off for Memorial Day. I hope you are making the most of the extended weekend, and filling it with lots of family time and fun.

I came across this lovely quote earlier, which I thought I might share with you ...

I have never come across anything in nature that is superfluous and does not fulfill a function. There seems to be no redundancy or unemployment in these natural worlds. Be it rock or plant, bird or tree, or even the bacteria within the soil, everything occupies a vital place in the dance of life.
--Michael Lindfield--

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Don't do anything I wouldn't do !!

Take care,


UPDATE ... I received a couple more postcards in today's mail. Check them out at my postcard blog
HERE, or via the link on my sidebar. I also added some music ... what do you think ???


green eyed girl on planet earth said...

MIss Meow,

aaaahhh Pizza thats the way to go hahahah sounds like you had a good time and Hubby made out with the Loot! Hope he had a excellent day :)

Congats on Chickys win , good for them , it can get exciting when it gets down to it like that ,fun stuff .
hope you had a splendid time and I really like the Quote, nice one and true!
Take care friend ((HUGS))

Clare said...

Sounds like Hubby had a fab birthday Meow and well done to Chicky for her win :).

It's a long weekend here in England too so no work tomorrow for us either ... yay :). Have a great week.

Cathy said...

It was nice to read about your weekend. It is Sunday night here, as I type this. I am going away tomorrow for work, so it should be an interesting week. I hope your MOnday is going well.

Meow said...

Greeneyes ... thank you. Hubby had a wonderful day, with lovely visitors. Chicky's game was too exciting, and she is wrapt they won. Pizza for dinner ... mmmmm, should be everyday !!!
Many (((HUGS))) to you too, dear friend.

Clare ... thank you. Enjoy your long weekend, hope you have lots of fun things to do.

Cathy ... thank you, my Monday is going well. I hope your work trip goes well, and you also get time to relax.

Take care, friends. Meow

Dick said...

I liked that quote and the photo, I'll bet the photo wasn't taken this week?

I have had an extended weekend with my 9-YO grand daughter K visiting. Her school district plans on a certain number of snow days in their annual calendar. They didn't need them so took one on Friday, giving them all a four day weekend. We have been having fun. I may have made a mistake by introducing her to indoor go karting. She loves it! The negative is the cost - $15 for ten minutes of driving time! We went back today for her second "race."

Diane said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend. I love the photo, it's the kind of place I would be wading in and turning over rocks to see what's under them. Hope you have a great week. :-)


Belated Happy Birthday to your beloved hubby. Quotation is beautiful. Postcards are wonderful.

Granny said...

Pizza works for me.

Love the quotation.

We still have one more day on our weekend. Memorial Day tomorrow (Monday) here in the States.

Meow said...

Dick ... you are so right ... the photo was taken last year, in the Daintree National Park, on our way back home from Port Douglas.
Go-Karting ... yay, so much fun. My Hubby and Chicky love it, there are lots of indoor go-kart tracks here. And they are also very expensive !!!

Diane ... thank you. yes the rock turning over is always tempting, except up there you may come across critters you don't really want to meet under the rocks !!

Fridays Child ... thank you.

Granny ... mmmm, Pizza. Enjoy your long weekend. Hope it's lots of fun.

Take care everyone, have a great week ... Meow

Michelle said...

Love that quote!

angel, jr. said...

Have a good week. Everyone over here is enjoying the day off. We're celebrating Memorial Day for all those who have served in the military!!!

Badoozie said...

just poppin in real quick
i finally bought some postcards, so you'll get one from me one of these here days!!

Tab said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and your hubby is lucky to get homemade birthday cake and pizza delivery in one weekend! LOL
Thanks for sharing ~

Meow said...

Michelle ... thank you.

Angel ... thank you, enjoy your long weekend.

Susie ... cool, hope all is well and you had a great weekend with Emma.

Tab ... thank you, and yes he is lucky (but so am I, to have him in my life!)

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Take care, Meow

Maddy said...

the quote was beautiful and
the picture was breathtaking!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’m glad your weekend went well. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to husband. Blessings for the coming week.

Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)
I'm feeling pretty lazy tonight after a long day of gardening. Pizza sounds good... I haven't had a pizza delivery in years.

Meow said...

Maddy ... thank you.

Nick ... thank you, too.

Jenn ... nothing nicer than a pizza delivery ... mmmmm.

Have a great week.
Take care, Meow