Monday, May 22, 2006

A Great Weekend & Lots of Postcards ...

Hello, and welcome to a new week !

I had a lovely weekend, with lots to do to keep me busy.

Firstly, on Saturday morning, we had Chicky's netball ... unfortunately they lost, but they are playing really well. Need to work on a few things, but they will get there.

Saturday afternoon, we had Chicky's birthday party (only a month after her actual birthday ... oh well). It was at an indoor playground, which is designed for older children. It can even be hired out for adult parties ... the equipment is amazing, it looks like heaps of fun. The party was a huge success ... 17 children, boys and girls, running around like crazy. It was wonderful on my part, as all the mess was left behind when we went home !!! All we had to do was bring a birthday cake (they could've provide one, but we decided to bring our own), and lolly bags for the kids to take home. We decided on a donut cake, from Donut King. They have moulds in the shape of all the numbers ... we chose the number 12 ... and they can fill the donuts with cream, jam, custard, whatever, and decorate it nicely. The kids love these cakes, and there is very rarely any left over. We also had a bunch of mini iced donuts, in case there wasn't quite enough. Only had a handful of minis left, which we took home and ate ourselves. Here's a photo of it ... unfortunately, most of the photos we took on the day were not particularly sharp ... strange lighting in there, I guess !!

We had an early night Saturday night, to prepare us for a day out on Sunday. We went to Caulfield Racecourse, to the Caravan and Camping Supershow, where we arrived at opening time (9.30am) and stayed for hours and hours, looking at caravans, campers, tents, accessories, collected brochures on all the places in Australia we want to visit at some stage (soon would be nice!!), and had a lovely time. We met up with some friends, and wandered around with them. Came home with overloaded showbags full of brochures, which we will now need to look at and decided where to go next !! I must admit, it is quite tiring, wandering around like that all day. My poor little feet needed a rest ... luckily there was some good TV on last night !!

I was really excited when I went to my letterbox today ... there were 5 postcards and an letter from blogging friends. Let me share them with you ...

The first one is from Marie, and shows a lovely view over Stockholm. It looks like a beautiful place. Marie says it is often called "The Venice Of The North". Apparently Stockholm is built on 14 islands, joined by 53 bridges, and dates back to the 1200's. The city is one third water, one third green space (there are 38 parks) and one third buildings. Sounds amazing. Thank you Marie for the beautiful postcard.

The second one is from Momyblogr, and shows a night time view of downtown Nashville, Music City USA. She says that things in Music City are really warming up - gearing up for Summer. It looks like another gorgeous place. From what I know of Nashville, it is the home of Country Music ... hope I'm right in saying that. Thank you, too Momyblogr, for the great card.

The next two are both from Angel Jr, and are of Florida. The first one show the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which he says is one of his favourite veiws of Florida. I can see why ... it looks amazing. What an enormous bridge ... a real feat of engineering, I would imagine. The card states that it is 15.1 miles long, and connects St. Petersburg with Bradenton.

The second one from Angel shows a stylised map of Florida. Looks like it would be a fun place to live. A lot of the places shown on the map are places I have seen on all those teen summer and spring break type movies. Thank you Angel for the cards. They are wonderful.

Next is one from Clare, showing a view over London. It shows the Tower Bridge, which was built in 1894, and is the gateway to the City of London. It crosses the River Thames. This bridge opens to allow shipping into The Pool Of London. I guess we Aussies have always had a connection to England, due to us both being part of the Commonwealth. I know it is another place I would love to visit (as are all the places I have received postcards from ... my travel bug is itching to get going !!). Thank you Clare, for the lovely card.

And finally, Kyahgirl sent me a map of Fort Saskatchewan, saying that she thought it would be better than a postcard, as I can look it over and learn a bit about where she lives. You know what, it is really cool. There is so much detail, and information, and photography on this map. It is really interesting. She has marked a few points of interest for me. Thank you, Kyahgirl, what a wonderful idea ... I will sit down later with Chicky, and we will study this map.

Well, this has been a very long post ... but I wanted to share all these gorgeous postcards with you. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and hope the upcoming week with be a good one for you.

Take care, all ....



Connie and Rob said...

I am so happy you had a nice weekend. I can't believe it is over already.

The Birthday party sounds fun and the cake really looks good. Hope she got lots of goodies.

You are really getting quite the collection of cards. You passed me way up...I am enjoying seeing yours too!


doggielover said...

How cool, I have never heard of a doughnut cake before.

You're getting tons of postcards! Or I guess in Australia you'd say "heaps!"

Jenn said...

Hey Meow, doggielover is me. I forgot to log out of that other little project I'm working on.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i always love seeing your postcards..

that is one awsome cake..dang i gained 5 pounds just looking at it;)

Meow said...

Connie ... weekends seem to go too fast. Chicky did get lots of goodies ... mostly stationary stuff (pens, textas, paper, stuff like that), and a bit of jewellery. She did well !!
The cards keep on coming .. it is wonderful. Thank you.

Doggielover / Jenn ... the donut cake was yummy. The kids seem to prefer it to normal birthday cake. Almost everyone loves donuts !! I like your Doggielover project.

Bossy Britches ... thank you. Lucky it was only a visual 5 pounds, not a real one !! It is a yummy cake, though.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Take care, Meow

Peter said...

Hi Meow, that was an interesting post, you are getting "mobs" (I love that very Oz description also "Biggest mobs" when there is relly a lot) of cards.
Your day at the camping and caravan show almost got me droolin' again.
Have a good one.


It is nice to know you had a great weekend.
Birthday cake looks very yummy!
I envy your collection of postcards. Hope could get more too.
Have a nice week ahead.

megz_mum said...

Hi there,
glad you had a happy and busy time. Would love to see your indoor playground for bigger kids - ours only cater for the little people and have a cut off at 12 yrs old.

Meow said...

Peter ... thanks. The caravan and camping show sure has got us thinking about travelling again ... where to next ????

Fridays Child ... thank you. It sure is fun receiving postcards.

Megz Mum ... I will try and post some pictures over the next few days. They don't do it justice, though. The equipment was built to hold adults, and is very high. The slide alone is 8 metres high, and very, very long and fast. Great fun ... I saw a dad going down with a kid on his lap ... they were flying !!!

Have a great week, everyone. Take care, Meow

Clare said...

G'day Meow :)

Glad you got the postcard. That arrived very quickly as I only posted it towards the end of last week. You got some great cards from the others too :). Are you putting them all up somewhere?

Heidi said...

You always have great weekends :)

What a great looking cake..I would love some with my coffee right Have a great week.

Ebun said...

You have a really good collection of postcards. Is it ok to send you one from Nigeria but that would mean I'd need your address. How do i get that?

Reverberate58 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. The cake looked yummy! And what a wonderful number of postcards. The one of the Skyway in Fl brings back memories. That is not the original bridge. The original bridge got struck by a huge ship years ago and it took down the bridge. So this pretty one was the new one put up in its place. Thanks for sharing all the postcards. What a great collection you have.

LoraLoo said...

A donut cake! What a great idea, I've never heard of it. We don't have Donut King around these parts.

Have a great day!

Alice said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad the party went well. The cake looked fabulous. I've never heard of a 'donut cake' before.

Bet it was scrumptious.

Lucky, lucky Chicky.


The postcards are great. I especially liked the one of Florida. Just looked cheerful.


Dick said...

Those shows are fun even though you always seem to leave tired. It is probably safer to leave your check book & credit cards at home, though.

How many postcards have you received so far? I look forward to the postcard blog you were talking about. It would be fun to see them all together.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I wish they had those cakes here. That would have made my kids day!

Meow said...

Clare ... G'Day, Clare !! Wow, that was quick postage then !! It rarely happens that way from here !! I am trying to put them all together on a blog of their own ... this is taking time, I get side-tracked easily !!

Heidi ... thank you. The cake was yummy !!

Ebun ... I would love to receive one from Nigeria ... I will email you (is your address on your blog ... I'll have a look !!)

Reverberate ... thank you. That's interesting about the bridge ... was the old one as nice looking ??

Loraloo ... Donut King is wonderful. They have the yummiest things.

Alice ... thank you. Donute cakes are quite popular with the kids here, as they are easier to eat (and yummier) than your standard cream-cake birthday cake. I guess a home made special cake is even better ... but I was too lazy !!!

Dick ... you are so right. FOrtunately we didn't buy much, just a shower tent, which was on sale. I need to count all the postcards ... I'll get back to you on that one !!

DaybyDay ... they are wonderful cakes, not too sickly sweet (well, if you have jam and cream, maybe ... but custard is nice inside, too !).

Thanks everyone. I hope you have a great week. Take care, Meow

Nicole said...

I have to go back and read your post a few more times.... I'm so pleased the party went well, how wonderful. Hugs xox

Tab said...

wow , your post carding sounds like fun..good for you!I am way too much of a snob/untrusting human to give out my can I say?!
Happy new week :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sounds as if you had a good weekend and some wonderful new cards have arrived. That’s wonderful! Keep it up!

Meow said...

Nicole ... thank you.

Tab ... thank you. You are just a very cautious person, nothing wrong with that !!

Nick ... thank you, I will.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.
Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey where did my Post go????sighhhhh! come out come out where ever you are LOL BLOGGER#@$%#
anyway lovely cake , save me some , I know all gone , the litte munchkins!thanks for sharing the post cards I enjoy seeing them , and hope you had a great weekend and an even better week

Alice said...

Nowt wrong with bein' lazy.

Nowt wrong at all.


Meow said...

Greeneyes ... thank you, friend. Has blogger been eating posts again !?!?! We had a wonderful weekend, and the week is going well.

Alice ... I agree ... lazy is good !!

Have a great week, ladies.
Take care, Meow

Kyahgirl said...

yay! glad it got there. Love this post.

Meow said...

Kyahgirl ... thank you. Hope your week is going well. Take care, Meow