Friday, July 13, 2007

Yay ... It's Friday ...

Hello, everyone !!

Well, it's Friday morning here in Australia, and I'm a happy girl. If you had've read my last couple of posts, you would be aware that MSN gave my computer a really annoying virus ... it turned off my System Restore, hijacked my Internet Home Page, stopped me using various cleanup/computer housekeeping programs, turned off part of my Anti-Virus software, among other things !! Anyway, it appears I have it all fixed ... yay !!! For that reason alone, I am celebrating !!!

I was just about to write that it is a beautiful, sunny, Winter's day .... well, on looking out the window, the sun is gone, it is clouding over, and looks like rain ... darn it !!! I was hoping to get some washing dry (because, of course, the last 2 days I have been in front of this computer, and nothing else was getting done LOL). Oh well, looks like it will have to wait, and I will have to sit here and go blog visiting ... what a shame !!! It is well and truly time (overdue, actually) that I came visiting you all ... please forgive me.

So, please look out for me, I will be by to visit.

Oh yeah, don't forget to please go and visit my friend Melinda, who has started a new blog ... she is a good buddy of mine, and also has a caravan/cabin at Bonnie Doon (where we always go!). I'm sure you'll love her just as much as we do.

Have a great Friday, everyone ... and enjoy your weekend.

Hugs to you all ....

Take care,


Jenn said...

What a mean nasty virus! I hope you've got the problem solved!

Diane J. said...

It's still Thursday evening here, 8:30 pm, but I'm more than ready for Friday to get here already! I won't have Emmy again until Monday and I'm ready for a break, as much as I adore her. ;-)

I visited Melinda and left her a comment.

Have great Friday and a wonderful weekend,C. :-)

Gattina said...

I just read what had happened to you ! So far I never had a virus but that sounds awful ! Fortunately you got it fixed now.
I have new pictures of little Rosie on my cat blog, if you have time and don't forget today it's Friday 13, so watch black cats and don't walk under a ladder, lol !

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh well done, Connie. Hah! That's one virus that's got the flick, good!

I will certainly go and see Melinda, it's always nice to see new faces in our little community.

Have a great weekend and keep warm!

Hugs xoxo

Heidi said...

Thankfully you took care of that virus! I'm so not computer friendly thst would freak me out.

Hsve a great weekend~

Anonymous said...

Seeing it's Friday the 13th I was wondering if in you part of the world you frown upon this day. Here people have supertitions regarding it.

Not me of course.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You can thank MSN for giving you an awful virus.

Dr. Deb said...

Wishing you a great weekend as well.

Lee said...

I hope you have a fun weekend,'s chilly up this way, but dry and we need rain...badly!

Val said...

Gee, I hope I don't get that virus by visiting your blog...

It can rain all it likes now: our tank was installed yesterday, and it was music to our ears, hearing the water drip into it during that rain we had.

Stop by my blog and see my new craft room, Meow!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Jenn ... it sure was. And the problem is now solved, thanks.

Diane ... thanks. Hope the weekend is going well.

Gattina ... thanks. Rosie sure is cute ... I've been over to visit. No black cats on Friday 13th, fortunately !!

Puss-In-Boots ... thanks. I know you'll love Melinda, she's a gorgeous person.

Heidi ... thanks. Surprisingly, as much as it was a nuisance trying to solve the problem, it also taught me heaps.

DaybyDay ... I guess many people are superstitious about Friday 13th ... I'm not particularly, though.

Jean-Luc ... don't know if I'll THANK MSN ... abuse them, perhaps !! They should have better security on MSN, so this sort of stuff doesn't happen.

Dr. Deb ... thank you.

Lee ... hope you get some rain soon. It has rained heaps here ... is now, actually ... but we still need so much more.

Val ... don't worry, you won't catch my computer virus ... it's gone, anyway !! Must be wonderful having a water tank ... we've thought about it.

Take care, Meow

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Crap, you kind of have me worried now that my msn gave my computer a virus...haven't had any recent problems...but still scary!