Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh, what a fo-oggy mo-orning
Oh, what a fo-oggy da-ay
Oh, what a fo-oggy mo-orning
When will it go-o away ???


Lee said...

No chance of fog up this way...though the wind has dropped today, it was blowing a gale again yesterday...chilly, chilly!

Susie said...

No fog here! Lots of very warm sunshine though!

Val said...

I love the fog, reminds me of San Francisco. It's sunny now though, but they say the fog will return tonight. Like San Francisco!

Meow said...

Lee ... hope it turned into a glorious day for you. Not nice when there is cold wind.

Susie ... lucky you !!

Val ... I'm not a big fan of fog, only to photograph it LOL. Hmmm, more tonight ... goody !!

Take care, Meow