Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thundery Thursday ...

Hello Blog Friends,

It's Thursday night, 8.30ish, here in Melbourne. It has been a weird sort of day ...

This morning, whilst getting ready for the day ahead, the outside light looked very strange, sort of yellowy. Chicky and I went outside to look, and I just had to come back inside (at full speed, no less) and grab the camera, to take a few photos of what I saw.

The sky was strange, cloudy, and wild looking ...

I took these photos from the footpath, outside our property. They were all taken at the same time, from the same place, but facing in different directions ...

We were lucky enough to have strange clouds, blue sky, rainbows, and sunshine, all at the same time !!

The rainbow was a full rainbow, but was too big and close to get it all in one shot ...

It is often said that Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day ... but at the same time, at the same place !?!? Go figure !!

It actually rained on and off all day (which was wonderful), and was quite windy, although not particularly cold. We are now in our final month of Autumn, but haven't really had any exceptionally cold weather ... leading into Winter. I'm sure it's on it's way, though.

My working week is over ... I worked 4 days this week (and last week, and the week before). Considering I came from not working (outside the home) at all, then went happily to 2 days ... 4 ain't bad (although I really want to get back to 2 or 3 ... have Tuesday and Friday off, at least !!). Things will quieten down again soon, so I should get my wish !!

I have a lovely day coming up tomorrow (Friday). I am going to visit Mum & Dad in the morning, then I will be meeting up with a Blog Pal ... Val

Should be fun, we haven't met before, so hopefully will be able to recognise each other when we meet !! We will be having lunch at a lovely Nursery/Cafe in a nearby suburb, about half way between Val's place and mine. We both live in suburbs of Melbourne, but quite a distance from one another. I'm sure we will have a lovely time, with plenty to chat about ... I can see there are a few things we have in common !! I'll let you all know how it goes ... oooh, must remember the camera !!

My weekend is looking busy (again), too !! Chicky has netball on Saturday morning, then home to do some cleaning and preparation, as I am having a Tupperware Party on Saturday afternoon. My cousin has recently become a Tupperware demonstrator, and I am holding a party so that she can get her practice !! So far I have a few women coming (8 yeses, with a few maybes, and a few more no replies yet !!). Should be fun, anyway ... haven't had one of these party plan things for a few years !!

On Sunday Chicky has a netball Round-Robin, where they play numerous games throughout the day, until two teams make the grand final. They did really well last season, and won the grand final ... hopefully they will do ok this season (they are in a different section this season, and the games are a bit tougher).

I have gotten through many of your blogs, visiting and commenting ... still a few to get to ... sorry if I have missed you !! I will get there eventually !!

I would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

See you soon ...

Take care,


smilnsigh said...

Hello Meow! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I'll bet you found me, by surfing in comments, in blogs you already read. :-) I do that, so I suppose, everyone does. ,-) And it is oh so much fun.

I was born a fellow cat lover too, it seems, because I had to have kitties, when just a little girl. Sad to say, many came to a sad end. It's a wonder I had the fortitude to keep getting them and try, try, trying again.

We haven't had one since our last passed on, a while ago. I'm a at-home-for-safety kitty person and thus, I worry about their being secure. -sigh- Ahhh my nasty O/C tendencies, come to be-devil me. Anyway, we haven't gotten another since.

Granddaughter just 2 doors up, has inherited my tendencies and has one. Other Grand {a few mile away} has one also, plus 2 lovely Black Labs. So, when I need a cat-fix. Or a lovely, gentle, sweet dog-fix, I can get them. :-)

That was some sky you had! Ahhh the run back for camera. Yes. We should have it stored some place right near the door we usually use, shouldn't we???!!!??? Well, put the charger and cam, on a little shelf, right near the door.

Mmmm... did I just think up another project for my loves-woodworking husband??? Yes, I may have done just that.

I'll be back here. Hope you pop in at my blog again also.

Hugs from the NE of the US.

Sonia said...

Thanks Meow for your visit and nice comment on my blog!

Love your photos, just beautiful!

Wow! That's great! You are going to meet Val! I am looking forward to see the photos of you both! Have a great time with your parents, too!

Peter said...

Melbourne weather what would there be to talk about if not for that Meow.
Watch out Val doesn't sign you up for a season ticket for the Blues, she's a bit of a fanatic I think, have fun.

Lee said...

Looks like you've got yourself a few busy days ahead, Meow. Have fun. :)

Interesting clouds for early morning. Glad you got a little rain...we need some up here.

Have a great weekend. :)

Justine said...

marvelous photos!
melbourne often seems to put on interesting skies around this time of year.

Deana said...

Great pictures and good luck and have fun meeting your blog buddy! I think that is always exciting.

angel, jr. said...

Have a good weekend too!!!

Wow, those are awesome pictures. Was it scary to be out there?x

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'll have to remember the four season thing in Melborne, shall I ever get to visit the city.

Ba Doozie said...

Awesome pic's...

now behave yourself when you meet your blog pal. No getting wild and having to go to jail!

The Lazy Iguana said...

The strange orange cloud looks like a dust storm to me.

Dust storms are something else. Not many people realize this, but Florida has a light coating of dust from the great Sahara Desert. Dust gets kicked up and carried all the way over here by upper level winds. And hurricanes.

A little bit of Australia is probably in South America by the same process.

I think stuff like this is cool.

Stinkypaw said...

So cool that you're meeting a "blend" - I don't know any who live reasonable close.

As for the Tupperware party that should be fun - I was thinking of hosting one soon (after the move).

Have a great weekend and enjoy every moments! Cheers!

Diane J. said...

Ooooh, what striking pictures!

We're going into our Summer here, Meow. How strange, these opposite seasons for us. :-)

I love Tupperware but it's so expensive now!

Have a great end of your week, Meow. :-)

Love and hugs,


Clare said...

Hi Meow

Those pictures are brilliant. I love the rainbow ones. You should send them to the BBC website as they print weather pictures every week from around the world.

Have fun meeting your blog friend this weekend.

PEA said...

Those really are awesome the first one, you'd almost think it's a funnel cloud starting! I always laugh when we have rain, sunshine and a rainbow all in one shot! lol We're finally getting some gorgeous Spring weather here!! I soooo wish I could be there to meet you and Val too!!! What fun that will be and we want to hear all about it and see pictures!!!! xoxo

Val said...

The skies didn't look as pretty in my part of Melbourne, that sure was a strange coloring, good that you captured it. And can't wait to capture our meeting today! That's after we find each other in the library by singing "What's new pussycat"! We'll get thrown out!

rev. shawn said...

love the photos of the rainbow and whacky weather ... sounds like your climate is akin to Manitoba's ... the clouds looks simlar too.

wazza said...

Gidday Meow,
Great photos of Melbourne's sky. Clouds captured by the setting sun can be so colourful and the designs so extreme. Wait until you see some sunset photos I took in W.A. which will be in a coming "Brisbane to Perth" post.

Meow said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your wonderful comments.
Melbourne, and victoria for that matter, often has such interesting skies ... I rarely go anywhere without my camera.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow