Friday, September 01, 2006

It's Spring .... Let's Party !!

Hey, Gang ... It's Spring here in Australia, and I would like to invite you all to a "Welcome To Spring" Blog Party. Come on in and join us !!

I've got the champers chilling (and the soft stuff, too, for those that don't drink) ... here, have a glass ...

I've got some really yummy nibblies happening ... my famous guacomole dip with crunchy corn chips; a huge cob dip (cheese, bacon, spring onions, corn) ... it's just heating up, it'll be ready soon; heaps of finger food (no, not real fingers, don't be silly !!!) ... what would you prefer - Indian, Mexican, Italian, German, Aussie ... we've got the lot; and of course the obligatory chips, nuts and stuff. Hope you're hungry ... dig in !!

I've got the iPod and speakers cranked up real loud, playing the best music, all the fun party stuff ... any preferences. Oooh, I know, let's do the Chicken Dance, that's always fun, and then the Nutbush ... yay ...

I think you know plenty of the people who are here ... why don't you mingle awhile.

Hope you are having a good time, I know I am. I looooove parties. I'm really glad you could come, it's great to see you. Hang on, someone's started a Limbo game ... let's join in (watch your back, wouldn't want you to hurt it !!!). I wonder who is the best limbo-er ??

Ooops, I forgot ...


I get you every time ...

What ?? You have to go now ... oh, no, is it that time already ?!?! It's always a shame when a party has to end ... I really hope you had a great time ... I sure did. Let's do it again real soon. Did you have enough to eat ?? And drink (you aren't over the limit, I hope ... please don't drive if you are, I'll call you a taxi !!). Thank you so much for coming.

Hope you enjoyed the party.

See you again real soon.

Take care,



DayByDay4-2Day said...

That was a great party! So well thought out, but what is Aussie food anyways?

3catsmeow4me said...

Hav a great spring! It's almost Autumn here.

Meow said...

Daybyday ... I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for coming. What is Aussie food .... now that's a good question !!!! Anything you want it to be (no, really, just simple stuff, I guess, like party pies, sausage rolls, little boys ... aka cocktail franks, and stuff like that, I spose !!). I don't really know if Aussies have anything really Aussie ... any takers, fellow Aussie readers ???

3catsmeow4me ... thank you, I intend to !!! Hope you have a pleasant Autumn ... too bad it's followed by Winter !!

Take care, party hard, Meow

FruitfulSpirit said...

Great party! You are heading into spring with flowers budding and trees putting their finery on! Soon we will be heading to trees of lots of colors, raking leaves and a fire in the fireplace. I am so ready for the cool air of autumn!

Thanks for the drink, the food and the fun time. I think I pulled my back out doing the limbo!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Thank you for the invite , you clever girl , it is so sweet , what a nice idea , I had a glorious time thanks to you the host and hope to get invited again , I must go and mingle mingle mingle , save me a dance Meow , now that is if girls dancing with girls is ok over there , fast one of course tee hee
Your friend across the chilly pond

Meow said...

Fruitfulspirit ... I'm so glad you came, and that you had a good time. Hope you back recovers quickly !!!

Greeneyes ... of course it's OK for girls to dance together ... let's boogie, girl !!! Glad you could make it.

Take care, party on, Meow xx

Connie and Rob said...

You really know how to throw a party. Great time!!

I have to admit I am a tad bit jealous...I wish spring was our next adventure. We are in for fall.

Take care,

Merle said...

Hello Meow ~~ Great party and it is great that Spring is here. Our warmest
day was Wednesday - the day of my trip
It is lovely to feel warm again. Thanks for your kind words on my recent sadness. It was so healing to be part of that celebration of Kath's life.Funeral are no longer the drab ones of the past. Keep on partying Meow Take care, Hugs, Merle.

Jeanette said...

G'Day meow
Thanks for the invite. plenty to eat.(aussie menu ) and drink .did the chicken dance, boogied, didnt try limba not good for the back
well. Had a great time you rang a cab for me didnt want to risk driving .
Aussie food sounds good to me Maybe u left the sponges in the fridge . take care keep smiling

Gwen said...

Was over visiting Jen's she said there was a party going on at Meows,I'm a party animal[pussy] and here i amg.
Great blog Meow.
P.S.Thanks for your visit to me.

Gail said...

Wow what a great bash,thanks for inviting me,Spring is just the best, out of hibernation and into all the colour it brings, hiccough(oops to much champa's)

Meow said...

Connie ... glad you enjoyed the party ... it was a blast. Autumn is a beautiful time of year too.

Merle ... thanks for coming. We had our warmest day today ... 24C ... whoo-hoo !! Hope you are well.

Jeanette ... glad you had a great time ... you know what, I did forget the sponges and the pav ... they are still in the fridge ... guess what I'll be eating for the next few day s!!!

Gwen ... thanks for coming, always great to have new friends. Nice to know there is another party cat out there !!

Gail ... hope the champers was yummy ... it was Bolinger, you know !!! Glad you were able to join in the fun.

Take care, friends, and party on ... Meow

Alice said...

I had a great time, thank you.

Sorry about whanging you full in the face when you playfully 'punched' my arm though. Reflex action. Flaw of mine. Has your nose stopped bleeding yet??


It's nearly autumn here. The leaves have already started to turn a month early now the blistering heat has eased.

I like autumn. It's a fantastic time of year; the sights, the smells, the brisk fresh air, the rich, warm comforting food, the fact it's my birthday in a month and 13 days...

...Yep. Great season, autumn.

Have a fantabulous weekend, Meow!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was a great party! It's a long way for me in England!

kimananda said...

Thanks for the wonderful party...what a great way to pass the time on a Friday evening...and such a great guest list you have! :-)

brian said...

Good evening Meow,

I came here from Kyahgirl's blogroll. Lovely party I am so glad I stopped by. I hope you don't mind me linking this post to Blog Stew tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Ok i just did my back in after the limbo, who do i sue?! LOL!

You've been a busy girl, i've not been bowling for ages, sounds like you had a blast!

Aussie food, how bout Lamingtons, tim tams, and a good old BBQ :o)

Meow said...

Alice ... glad you had fun. But woah, both my eyes are turning purple. Girl, what'd you go and whang me in the face ... it was only a playful punch in the arm. Oh well, it'll have to do as a new fashion statement ... it'll match the dress I'm wearing to the dance tonight !! But I forgive ya, you're too lovable to stay mad at !! It looks like you're counting down the days till your birthday ... October 14th if I calculate correctly !

Jean-luc ... thank you for coming, hope it was worth the long trip !!

Kimananda ... you came, how cool. The guest list is pretty good, thanks for mentioning it. More people still to arrive, though (hopefully) ... don't go yet !!

Brian ... welcome, glad you enjoyed the party. I've left you a comment on your blog ... it's cool with me to link (should I be scared, though ?!?!)

Michelle ... hope the back comes good ... that's what you get for trying to go tooooo low ... you naughty girl !!! My mind was in a blank, thinking about Aussie food ... yeah, lamingtons, timtams, barbies ... thanks.

Take care, friends, and have a great weekend ... Meow

Heidi said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Thanx for the early

Have a great weekend :)

brian said...


No worries, my blogs are open to all. Dewy has posted the Stew for this weekend. If have any questions you can always send me an e-mail. I hope you enjoyed the archives.:)

Brian, Dewy and Diane(me, my alter ego and my wife)

Meow said...

Clare ... you are welcome, hope you enjoyed it. I love Spring, too !!

Brian ... thanks ... haven't had a chance to dig through the archives yet ... soon, though.

Take care, all ... Meow

Merle said...

Hi aain Meow ~~ Thanks for your comment. I oe ther ecipe turns out
well. Jeanette suggested using diced
bacon nstead of ham, which sounded nice. Enjoy your Sunday. Take care, Merle.

oopseedaisee ~ Susan said...

Thanks for the invite, Great party. Im going to be so hungover in the morning! LOL

Badoozie said...

but, but, but, i'm just going into fall......and this is depressing me,,,,,whine whine....

seriously good job!

CiscoKid said...

Spring there?...

I can't wait for fall to get here....

DayByDay4-2Day said...

What is a little boy?

DayByDay4-2Day said...

oh also wanted to tell you I woke up with cold feet and had to use a blanket!! Fall is on it's way.

Meow said...

Merle ... thanks ... I'll let you know when I make it ... sometime this week, hopefully. Mmmm, diced bacon sounds yummy.

Susan ... you should take some Vitamin B for the hangover !!! Glad you enjoyed it !!

Susie ... oooohhh, but fall is such a pretty season ... shame, though, that it ends in Winter !! Thanks.

Ciscokid ... thanks for coming.

Daybyday ... "little boys" are cocktail frankfurts, so named for their resemblance to ... you know, little boys !!! Oh no, cold feet ... that would be a shock after the heat you've been having !! Get out those warm blankies !!

Take care, hope your weekend is going well ... Meow

FelineFrisky said...

Hi!!!! Stopped by from husband's blog, truth is freedom, as well as Get your daily knickers. I LOVELOVELOVE YOUR AVITAR!!! lol, I have 3 cats and I am using one, Blessing, as my current avitar (gotta catch the others!) Love the frivolity! I'll be back! D :)

Peter said...

G'day Party Girl, what a good idea to welcome Spring with a visit and party.

Viamarie said...

So sorry to have missed the party.

Thanks for your message of sympathy.
Take Care & God Bless!


Pennys from Heaven said...

I lost my post.....arrrrggghh.

Well, it is almost Fall here...and as much as I love fall and the cool nights with leaves turning brilliant colors...we all know that Winter is just around the corner with its blustery winds, ice and "SNOW" :(

so, this winter I am trying to think ahead and fulfill a of ice I am starting my long winter scarf...and looking for a long wool winter coat....and last but not least, a pair of ice skates...and a stocking hat of course. I want to ice skate outdoors at night. Hey...maybe a "Winter-Party" will be in store for all of us!! :)


zingtrial said...

Hi! looks like you guys had a party without me He!He!He!
Wish you well and hope you had a nice weekend :) .

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damn i missed your party..proabably a good thing cuz all that food you were making was looking pretty high in calorie..hehe

we are winding down our last weeks of summer here...

so sad..

Michael Manning said...

Meow: Only if I knew Sir Richard Branson! I'd love to be there. But hey! I'm there in spirit!!!!

Tab said...

Would you look at the bathroom line up already?!Yikes..did I just see a naked person in the pool? woohoo!
lol...I love being sober at parties ..I can marvel at the party patrons not fairing well after too much food here too are a fab'hostess!!!
thanks for the invite..
Happy spring and is almost Fall here ,,,!

Meow said...

Felinefrisky ... thank you so much for coming ... I love new visitors !!

Peter ... thank you.

Viamarie ... thank you. Hope you are doing ok.

Peg ... ooooh, ice skating is so much fun. Of course here we don't do it on lakes, but at indoor rinks. It is great fun. Hope you get there !!

Zingtrial ... thanks for coming.

Bossy ... sorry you missed it, it was a blast. It's a shame when summer ends, isn't it ... we've got it to look forward to now.

Michael ... being here in spirit is almost as good as !! Thanks.

Tab ... thanks for coming. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw the naked guy in the pool !! Hope you had a great time.

Thank you everyone for coming to my party. Have a great week. Take care, Meow

Nicole said...

WOW - What a bash!
Thanks for the invite Connie, we had a smashing time!
You throw the best parties luvy.
Much love, Nicole xox.

Granny said...

Just a brief stop to say hi. Great party.

Dick said...

I am sorry that I also missed the party, it sounded like a good one.

The news from your area about the death of Steve Irwin this morning (Mon morning here) is shocking. The world has lost a great educator.

Meow said...

Nicole ... thanks, glad you had fun !!

Granny ... thank you.

Dick ... thanks. Yes, it is very sad news. He will be hugely missed.

PEA said...

Heyyyy you had a party without me???? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I do a mean chicken dance ya know! lol What a fun post, sorry I missed it:-( Wishing you a very Happy Spring, though:-) Hugs xoxo

Meow said...

Pea ... ooooh, sorry you missed it, too. It was a great party. I'll be having another soon ... I'll be sure to let you all know in advance. This one was purely impromtu !!
Take care, Meow