Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Broken Hill Holiday ... Part Two

We left Broken Hill around 10am, on Monday morning, for an approximate 330 kilometre drive to Tibooburra. It is hugely desolate countryside ... desert ... often totally flat, occasionally some vegetation.. The road alternated between asphalt and dirt, with lots of dips ... some of them quite nasty.

We stopped for lunch at the Packsaddle Roadhouse, about half way to our destination. Apologies for the condition of some of these photos ... they were taken through a filthy car window !! Some of the view were spectacular, we came around a corner, and suddenly there were these hills ... very beautiful and colourful.

We arrived at Tibooburra around 3pm. We were quite taken aback when we saw the campground ... no vegetation, just red dirt, with a backdrop of rocks ... spectacular view !! The tents were put up, with some effort, as the ground was like rock !! We climbed the rocks in the evening for some interesting sunset shots.

I think that's Chicky standing on the rock ... the silhouette effect is magical, we thought !!

We had a fairly late night, then got up at a reasonable hour, for an approx 140 kilometre drive to Camerons Corner ... where New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia meet. The roads were pretty bad, lots of sand, and it was a very windy day.

There is a marker which shows the exact point where the 3 states meet ... Chicky is sitting on it in this photo.

With the roads being all dirt, and people driving them fairly fast, these signs are quite commonplace !!

The dingo / rabbit proof fence, which runs between Queensland and New South Wales.

On the return trip to Tibooburra, we came across a fabulous lookout ... this is just a photo taken from the top of it.

We arrived back at camp to a bit of disaster ... one of the tents (not ours, fortunately) had broken and collapsed, due to the strong winds. A bit of repair work, and it was livable again. We had a late-ish night, after going to the Tibooburra Pub for dinner. We were to head off in the morning for our next destination ...White Cliffs.

More tomorrow !!! (We stayed in an underground motel in the opal mining town of White Cliffs ... wait till you see it !!)

Have a great day.

Take care,



Chloe said...

kitty this looks like a real adventure. i like that road sign!
is that Chicky and you?
I had never seen you before! You look so very young.

Belizegial said...

The names are so quaint...Broken Hill, Tiboburra. I am learning more about your country through your holiday photos tour. Thanks for sharing and nice to have you back :)


p.s. I received your postcard today.

Meow said...

Chloe ... it was a real adventure, it was great fun. Yes, that is Chicky, Hubby and me !! Thank you for the compliment *teehee*.

Enid ... Aussie place names can be quite bizarre !!! Glad you are enjoying the photos. Oooh, good, the postcard arrived.

Take care, Meow

Michelle said...

Wow, its so unbelieveably dry, i guess i take the tropics for granted. I love the silouette and the photo with all the rocks...very special :o)

FelineFrisky said...

Wow! Such an adventure - beautiful pics! Great post! More, please! Be back tomorrow for more! D :}

Anonymous said...

Lovely to be able to see these great holiday photos, the extremes of our country landscapes never cease to amaze us do they? Cheers Margaret

Jeanette said...

hi meow
looks like you had a lovely holiday
at first glance your 2nd photo looks like driving into Coober Pedy yep I been through Camerons corner and rabbit proof fence. look forward to more of your photos
take care

Badoozie said...

glad you're back!
i like your family pic. it looks a tad windy in that pic though

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, more good stuff thanks, sure looks dry at present.

Connie and Rob said...

Great picture of the three adventurers...These are times Chicky will never forget.

Take care,

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I think it's great that you are off discovering. I wish we did road trips.

angel, jr. said...

I'm scared of rocks like that--I'm scared that I'll run into rattlesnakes.


I wouldn't mind travelling a long way as long as the sceneries are as beautiful as this. Good shots. The best one is chicky's silhouette. It is perfect.

Nerdine said...

oooh - I love the photos! Sounds like you had a great trip.. I've wanted to visit Australia for a long time- your pictures want me visit even more!

Thanks for sharing!

BTW - there's a competition up at my blog..

brian said...

Quite the adventure. Amazing country you traveled through. Very nice pics and the family pic is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your family.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi My Queen
so glad your back and what a wonderful vacation I missed :}
I love the pics they are great and the one of chicky on the rocks is a really great shot and a great memory I am sure . what an amazing place you live in , very different from here , ,it's like we are on opposite sides of the planet LMAO .

I enjoyed each photo in turn and enlarged everyone of them , my favorite is the one with you in it , so nice to see that pretty face , wish to see it more often . sounds lke you had a great trip . I would have paid good money to have seen you on a camel , hehe , nice time for Chicky though . well thanks for sharing , you lucky girl you , I wish I could have been there , I would have road that camel like a race horse ,,,,,,NOT!!!
cant wait for more , take care my friend
from across the pond that is getting colder every sec.HUGZZZZZZZZ

from across the

BarBarA said...

HOW FUN! Great pics, it was fun to see you chicky and hubby!!

it's so beautiful there, I am determined to visit Australia some day!

PEA said...

I've always said that Australia is one country I would love to visit one day...seeing the pictures makes me want to go even more!! The landscape is so very different from anything I've ever seen, even the colour of the soil. Beautiful pictures, Meow, and that one taken at sunset, is just breathtaking! Hugs xoxo

Dick said...

Thanks for taking us along on a fascinating tour of part of your country. I think you are going to need to head to each of these places seperatly as a destination trip to really see them. It does seem odd to me to see you all driving on the wrong side of the road, though.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The rabbits in the U.S. Southwest are huge; of course, we have no dingoes to worry about.

Kali said...

*waving* Hi there Meow!!
What great pics you have of your camping trip...I love our Country and can never get enough of seeing it, even from friends photos.
I have a lot to catch up on here (and every where else too), and will be back soon.
Take care and have a wonderful, wonderful day...Kali :)

Tab said...

I love it Meow!!!!!
I feel like I just took a mini road trip...I have GOT to hear more about this..please post more pic's when you can too..Funny you are in camping season..and we are hunkering down for Fall and Winter.
I love the way you share here..
Thanks for being you beautiful lady!

jay are said...

loving your pictures!!! can't wait to see more

Meow said...

Michelle ... thank you. I know what you mean about taking things for granted ... whilst we have water shortages here in Vic, it is nowhere near as dry as out there !!

Felinefrisky ... thank you.

Margaret ... thank you. Our country has some amazing extremes ... but I love it !!

Jeanette ... thanks. I thought the same thing, about the hills. It reminded me of the Breakaways near Coober Pedy.

Susie ... thanks. It was terribly windy that day, we had to cover our cameras at times to protect them from the blowing sand.

Peter ... thanks, yep - very dry.

Connie ... thank you. We are lucky that Chicky enjoys the same things we do. She had a ball.

Daybyday ... thanks. We love taking road trips. Nothing seems to faze us, we just go with the flow. The others freaked out a bit with the distances we travelled, but we loved it !!

Angel ... we were on the lookout for snakes, but no rattlesnakes here. Other nasty ones, though. Fortunately, we didn't come across any here, although we did see a couple on the road !!

Fridays Child ... thank you.

Nerdine ... thank you. I will come on over and check out the competition shortly.

Brian ... thank you. I don't often share my family photos, however I thought this time I would !!

Greeneyes ... thank you. I am glad you are enjoying them. I have heaps ... I took around 700 photos in all ! Stay warm.

Barbara ... thank you. Australia is a fascinating place, there is still so much we need to see ... next near we are off on another big trip (hopefully).

Pea ... thank you. The changing landscapes have always fascinated me. And the extremes. We are lucky in that we have the best of everything over here !! At least, we think so !!

Dick ... thank you. You are right, we really need to go back to all these places again and spend more time. A week is too short.

Nick ... our bunnies aren't that big, but the dingoes can be !!

Kali ... thank you. It's great to catch up. We are so lucky to live in this country, aren't we.

Tab ... thank you so much, you say the sweetest things. But, isn't that what blogging is all about ... sharing !!!

Jay are ... thank you.

Glad you are all enjoying the pics ... more to come !!

Take care, Meow

Fruitful Spirit said...

Meow this just gets better and better. Again I love the sunset shots and rocks! Is that you and hubby with Chicky in the 3 states shot? The view when you turned the corner of the hills is very nice!

All your shots have been wonderful. Makes me ready for a road trip!

Meow said...

Fruitful Spirit ... thank you. Yep, that's the 3 of us in the 3 states shot. Don't very often share photos of us, do I !?!?!
Take care, Meow

~jack~ said...

I LOVE the road sign !!! if you keep left here(in USA) you are sure to get in a crack-up !
your journey through Austalia is AMAZING ... so many interesting things to see (and I thought I lived in "God's Country") what a magical world YOU live in !!!

Meow said...

Jack ... thank you. Isn't it funny how we drive on opposite sides of the road ... seems so silly, really !! I think every part of the world is beautiful in it's own way. It is in how we see it with our own eyes that makes it special and magical.
Take care, Meow