Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Broken Hill Holiday ... Part One

We left home really, really early on Saturday morning ... 3am to be precise !! We met the other 3 familes at 4am, and then we were off. This photo is as we were entering Wentworth, around noon, which is just over the border of Victoria and NSW, a few kilometres from Mildura. We had a quick lunch stop in a lovely park here, then headed off for the final 265 kilometres to Broken Hill. Broken Hill is about 820 kilometres from Melbourne, and it's main reason for being is silver mining.

This paddlesteamer was being restored in an inlet beside the park where we had lunch in Wentworth. It is just beside the Murray River.

After arriving at Broken Hill around 3pm, we put up the tents, and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next morning, we were off to explore. This photo was taken in Silverton, which is an old town about 25 kilometres outside Broken Hill. It is a fascinating place. Silverton is home to a number of artists ... there are quite a few decorated vehicles around the place.

This speaks for itself !!

The Silverton Hotel has been used in many movies ... Mad Max being one of them. This is the original car used in the Mad Max movies ... Mel Gibson has actually driven it ... whoo hoo !!

Just out of Silverton, we visited the Mundi Mundi Lookout. From the lookout, the whoe outlook was dead flat .... for miles and miles. You could almost see the horizon curve !!

The Umberumberka Reservoir is the main water catchment for Broken Hill. It is fairly low, and in places looked quite murky. I think our Melbourne Reservoirs have slightly more water (and they look cleaner !!).

We visited the old cemetery outside Silverton, which sadly had a great number of children and young people buried within. Some of the headstones dated back to the late 1880s.

The kids went on a camel ride ... you wouldn't get me on one of those !!! They had fun, though. That's my Chicky on the front camel.

The kids and men went down the Daydream Mine, which is a historical silver mine outside Silverton. We ladies decided to wait above ground !!!

That evening, we went to The Living Desert, which is a group of sculptures atop a small hill, which catch the sunsets and sunrises beautifully. There are about a dozen sculptures, all different, and all unusual.

It was an amazing day, the weather was hot, we all got a bit sunburnt. Early to bed, ready to pack up the next day to continue our trip ... off to Tibooburra, and Cameron's Corner.

Broken Hill and surrounds are really very interesting. I would like to go back again, as there is so much more to see ... but we just didn't have time.

More tomorrow .....

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Gwen said...

Welcome home if the snaps are an indication you enjoyed your holiday.
Thanks for popping into say hi,i did enjoy the g/kids but that was only five of sixteen.
The only time we all get together.is xmas thank god that only comes once a year.
stay well.

Heidi said...

Welcome Back! Pics are great..It looks like a fabulous time u all had.

Dewy Knickers said...

Welcome back Meow!

Great pics! Truely gorgeous country and wonderful people. Thanks for taking the time to swing by and say hi.

DK xo

lori said...

Welcome back! I love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Meow, it's harsh but beautiful out that way.

Autumn said...

Oh my goodness, that is awesome. We have nothing even close to that where I live. I loved the camels. I think I would have rode on one (maybe). Love the big rocks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I enjoyed them all. I don't know that I would be dying to ride on a camel either. The paddle steamer will be wonderful when restoration is finished. Glad you had a great holiday. Thanks for you visit to my site, your comments are very gratefully recieved. Cheers Margaret.

CiscoKid said...

I always wondered where Mad Max was filmed (I knew somewhere in Australia). Thanks to you. Now I know!
BTW---One of my favorite movies..

Kendra Lynn said...

That looks like a LOT of fun!
Very cool.


FelineFrisky said...

Welcome back! Wow, what fantastic pics! How facinating all the places you seen already in your trip. You got to see the car Mel drove, be still my heart! lol I like the weather stone! Can't wait for more! D :}

Jon Cox said...

I'm glad you're back!!! WOW!!! Beautiful pictures & awesome post! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm very glad you enjoy my latest work!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL week! :o)

Clare said...

Fab pictures Meow. Love the one of that painted car in Silverton :). Look forward to hearing/seeing more when you have a moment :).

Cathy said...

Oh, it looks like so much fun!
I want to go there!!

Glad you are back.

HeiressChild said...

hi meow,

i just saw you had posted on peg's blog, and i came right over. i didn't look at all of your pics yet; wanted to welcome you back first. now will finish looking at the pics and read all about your adventures. what i've seen so far are so beautiful. the colors are gorgeous.


Pennys from Heaven said...

Welcome back!!!

Sounds like you had a great trip!!!

Peg & Bun-Bun

PEA said...

I just love your pictures...sure saw a lot of fascinating sights on the first couple of days of your trip!! Love those sculptures!! I'm now looking forward to hearing all about the rest of your trip:-) Hugs xox

Meow said...

Gwen ... thank you. Wow, 16 grandkids ... that would sure be a handful all at once !!

Heidi ... thank you.

DK ... thank you. And you are welcome.

Lori ... thank you.

Peter ... thanks. Yes it is harsh, but beautiful all the same. I can't get enough of the outback !!

Autumn ... thank you. If you had've smelled the camels, you would've thought twice !!!

Margaret ... thank you. The paddle steamer is stunning, it should be re-launched by Christmas, I think.

Ciscokid ... Mad Max is one of my favorites, too.

Kendra Lyn ... thank you.

Felinefrisky ... thanks. Mmmmm, I love Mel Gibson, and it was fascinating seeing the car.

Jon Cox ... thank you. You know I always love your work.

Clare ... thank you. Silverton is one of my favourite places.

Cathy ... thank you.

Sylvia ... thanks for coming ... I've dropped by yours, too !!

Peg ... thank you.

Pea ... thank you. The sculptures were amazing.

Thank you all for your wonderful welcome home. Hope you enjoy the next installment of pics.

Take care, Meow

Michelle said...

The last photo looks like a chess piece, how fascinating!

Connie and Rob said...

Great pictures and great weather makes me think you had a wonderful time.

Take care,

Nerdine said...

Hey - you could easily enter Susie's car-competition with that VW..

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Looks like a fun trip! The terrain reminds me of parts of the U.S. Southwest. What were those trees in the first photograph?

Tab said...

Those pictures are just freaking amazing Meow.I love this..I feel like I am seeing more of the world than just my hood..lol
Great stuff.
Thanks for sharing~

Meow said...

Michelle ... I thought that, too. All the sculptures were fascinating ... I will share more another time !!

Connie ... ooooh, we had a wonderful time, thank you.

Nerdine ... hey, you are right ... maybe I will !!!

Nick ... the trees in the first photo were just some sort of palm. They are quite common here.

Tab ... thank you. Glad you are enjoying them.

Take care, Meow

Fruitful Spirit said...

I am late on commenting and catching up please forgive me. I have started at the bottom and will work my way up!

I love the camel shot! How cool. And the shot with the sun and the rock formation is just wonderful!

You should enter you car shot in The Gobhole girls ugly car contest! It fits the bill!

That is some really beautiful country you have shown. I will share with hubby tonight as I know he will enjoy it as much as I am!

Meow said...

Fruitful Spirit ... thank you. Someone else suggested I enter that car photo in Gobhole's contest ... I'll have to look into it !! Glad you are enjoying the photos. Take care, Meow

~jack~ said...

thank you for sharing your trip with us ... truly amazing and beautiful !!!

the "weather rock" made me laugh for a good 5 minute .. I'm still giggling

well ... I'm off to see what Jon Cox has been up to (He always makes me giggle too)

Meow said...

Jack ... thank you so much. Glad the weather rock had you laughing ... that was it's intention !!
Have a great day.
Take care, Meow