Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Winter's Wednesday ...

Hello again, Friends.

Since I last posted, the Aussies lost their second round game against Italy in the World Cup ... booo !! (Look, I'm not really a bad sport, I just feel it was a very bad call ... enough said !!)

Chicky, Hubby and I decided to go for a day-trip drive on Tuesday (yesterday). We went around Port Philip Bay toward Portsea ... we hadn't been out this way for years, and felt that seeing as how Hubby had the day off, we should do something together, as a family. Turns out the weather was pretty yuck !! It started off a sunny day, but predictably, as we set off, it began clouding over. Oh well, it was a day out, we would make the best of it !!

It was only about an hour's drive from home ... not far, but far enough to get away !! The traffic was light (it was the middle of a week-day, not the weekend, so not many were heading that way !!). We took the freeway, and the highway ... the quick way ... and thought that we would take the coast road on the way home !!

On arriving at Portsea, we were amazed at how it had changed ... there are now so many new buildings ... it certainly looks like many very well-off people live, or holiday down there ... you should see the size of some of the houses (shame I forgot to photograph the ones I really liked !!).

We went exploring down some side roads, and came across a natural rock formation called London Bridge. It is really pretty, and with the sea being so rough, due to the windy winter weather, the water gushing though the hole through it was spectacular (unfortunately I didn't catch the waves at the right time, but this picture should give you a general idea !!).

Next we went over to the ocean beach ... the views were amazing. The air was almost foggy looking, with the ocean spray being blown around ... it was really beautiful.

I must explain where Portsea is ... Melbourne is at the top end of a bay, which is sort of circular (well, not really, but I have a vivid imagination !), with an opening almost opposite where Melbourne is. On the right of the opening (when looking at a map) is Portsea and Point Nepean, on the left is Queenscliff and the Bellarine Penninsula. Anyway, Portsea has both bay beaches and ocean (surf) beaches ... it is a really beautiful place. We used to go there alot in our younger days ... pre marriage, mortgages and kids ... when we were all single and hanging out with our friends, with no responsibilities.

We drove around a little bit, exploring. Unfortunately, it was too cold and windy to walk along the beach ... we tried, and our noses felt like little icicles, and the wind just blew right through us. It was very, very cold ... more so than at home, I think !!

We stopped in Sorrento for lunch. We had Pizza and Pasta at La Porchetta. La Porchetta's is a restaurant chain, found all over Australia (I think). We had never eaten at any of their restaurants, and though it might be nice. It was great ... Hubby and I had pizza, Chicky had pasta. Goodness, were we full ... we had to take home doggy-bags, as we couldn't finish what was on our plates. Fortunately, then, I didn't have to cook dinner ... just re-heat the leftovers !!! It was raining when we emerged from the restaurant, so we decided against a walk through the town.

We jumped in the car, and headed in the direction of home, driving along the bay road through to Mornington, stopping here and there for a photo or two. Here are a couple of photos of Beach Boxes, found all along the bay beaches.

We got a stunning view across the bay toward Melbourne, from above the Mornington Marina.

After Mornington, we cut back over to the highway, then onto the Frankston Freeway, then home, always mindful that we didn't want to make our return trip too late, due to it being a week-day, and the afternoon peak starts around 3.30 / 4pm. Fortunately, we missed the peak, arriving home around 3pm. It was a lovely day, not too long (we were pretty tired, anyway, due to having stayed up until 3am the night before to watch the Soccer). It was great to do something with just the 3 of us ... we always have fun, and enjoy each other's company, and enjoy doing the same things. We are very lucky in that respect, I guess.

Chicky had a friend sleep over Tuesday night (a girl from down the road, who is almost another daughter, anyway !!).

We all slept in, or lay in bed reading, until quite late this morning. It is now almost 1pm, we only had breakfast an hour or so ago, so lunch is still quite a way off !! Chicky and I are heading over to visit my parents later on, Hubby will be off to start work at 2pm (until 10pm tonight).

I might leave you now with a quote I discovered ... I thought it was beautiful, and very true ... I hope you do, too.

People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.
--Elizabeth Kubler-Ross--

So, dear friends, I bid you farewell for today. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, and enjoy the rest of the week.

Take care, all,


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Raggedy said...

I know it was cold but it sure sounds like a lovely trip. The pictures are awesome. I love that rock one. I read quotes. I am a fanatic about them. I have never heard that one and I love it. Awesome quote ^5. I enjoyed my visit and I linked to you so I can come back often.
Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said...

Photos look freezing, but great! La Porchettas is fantastic. Next time try the Portsea Pub...fantastic food too...awesome.

Diane said...

Glad you had such a good time, Meow, and the pictures are great! I live about 300 miles from the ocean, but I do love it. I envy you and Green Eyes living so close to the sea. :-)

I'm about to get my computer straightened out, so I will try to post something later today. Blogger is being a snot again, so hopefully I can post something.

Have a great rest of the week, Meow. :-)

Kali said...

Sounds and looks the pics. I think the Beach Boxes are wonderful!
I agree, that quote is beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday :)

dragonflyfilly said...

what a wonderful outing, wish i could have joined you...the beach looks spectacular...and what are the beach boxes used for and who uses them?

Meow said...

Raggedy ... thank you, it was a lovely trip. I'm glad you like the quote ... I thought it was a good one, too !! Thank you for linking me ... I have bookmarked you, will update my blogroll soon !!

Michelle ... it was freezing, really, really cold. We wanted to go to the Portsea Pub, but somehow didn't ... next time !! It looks amazing, they've done a lot of renovations, by the look of it.

Diane ... thank you. No need to be envious. I'm positive there are places near you that I would love to be so close to, too. I actually prefer inland (lakes, mountains, etc.) to the sea, although the sea is wonderful, too. Good luck with the computer.

Kali ... thank you. There were lots of prettier beach boxes, but we didn't want to get out of the car into the cold again to take more photos !!!

Dragonflyfilly ... thank you. The beachboxes are owned by individuals, or families, and are used to store their beach gear, surfboards, tables, chairs, etc. I'm sure some of them are used to sleep in. I don't think they are allowed to have plumbing to them, and I didn't notice many (if any) with electricity. I think legally they are purely for storage (I think, I'm not sure, mind you !!)

Thank you for your comments, dear friends. Have a great day. Take care, Meow

Reverberate58 said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love the sky shots. You can really see the cold has set in! The Beach Boxes were interesting looking! Nice posting, glad you had a fun family day together! Nice quote too!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Devil Mood said...

Wonderfull pictures :) Thanks for letting me travel a bit. Take care!

Cathy said...

Great photos, Meow!
What a nice trip :)

Peter said...

The photos were great Meow, they often look better on a drab day than when the sun is bright.

megz_mum said...

Nice to see your photos! We came to Melbourne in summer for a week's holiday, didn't make it to Portsea

Jacqui said...

Hi Meow, thanks for your visit.
I am a victorian by birth, and have had many lovely visits to Portsea, Sorrento etc., also lived in Geelong for a number of years and know Queenscliff and Barwon Heads very well. My oldest friends lived in Barwon Heads, they have retired to Geelong now.
hugs jacqui

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures with us, Meow.

kimananda said...

My condolences to Australia. And my admiration for your beautiful photos!

LZ Blogger said...

Man what great looking shots! I can almost smell the fresh salt air! Too bad I didn't get to see Melborne while we were there. ~ jb///

Meow said...

Reverberate ... thank you, it was a wonderful day ... nothing nicer than family days out !!

Devil Mood ... thank you, and you are welcome.

Cathy ... thank you.

Peter ... thank you. Winter light makes for some interesting photos.

Megz Mum ... thank you. Shame you didn't make it to Portsea, it's a beautiful place.

Jacqui ... thank you. There are some wonderful places around the Port Phillip Bay to explore.

Jean Luc ... thank you.

Kimananda ... thank you and thank you !!

LZ Blogger ... thank you. It's a shame you didn't make it down here on your visit ... maybe next time !!

Take care, friends ... have a great Thursday ... Meow

Pennys from Heaven said...

I love the "stained glass window" thought.

Great post and pics!!


True Blue Guy said...

Lovely snaps yet once again. I am going to be going for a 5 day road trip for the long weekend in a couple of days, finally a holiday after long and I cant wait


Dick said...

I especially like the photo across the bay of the city buildings. It is as if they are just floating there. What are those Beach Boxes? Small houses, storage units, or what?

Meow said...

Peg ... thank you.

True Blue Guy ... thank you, and enjoy your trip ... take some photos for us ... please !!

Dick ... thank you. I thought the same thing, as though the city were floating on water.
The beachboxes are owned by individuals, or families, and are used to store their beach gear, surfboards, tables, chairs, etc. I'm sure some of them are used to sleep in. I don't think they are allowed to have plumbing to them, and I didn't notice many (if any) with electricity. I think legally they are purely for storage (I think, I'm not sure, mind you !!)

Have a wonderful day.

Take care, Meow


Wow those photos are breathless. What do you mean beach boxes? ARe they like cabins?
Thanks for dropping by. Yes some of our delicacies really make you squirm if you're not used to it. Funny but some of those on my lists I don't even eat.

Merle said...

Hello Meow ~~ Photos are great and it sounds as though you had a wonderful day together. Together is so very
important. We have some terrific
coastal towns. Kathy lives at
Princetow, near Pt. Campbell, close to
the 12 apostles. I think there are only 8 now. Thanks for your visit and comments. Take care, Merle.

Jenn said...

You have some beautiful places there! Looks like a perfect trip!

LoraLoo said...

What gorgeous pictures of the beach - I especially like the sunset view of Melbourne in the distance. Sounds like a great day had by all!

Hope today is just as spectacular.

Viamarie said...

Beautiful and great photos. Love the words too.


Heidi said...

Beautiful photos like usual :)
You always have such enjoyable getaways..Lucky u.

Badoozie said...

great pics, it's cool that you're only an hour away from the ocean.

Autumn said...

what beautiful photos. It looks like you had a lovely time. I especially like the one of the beach boxes I have never seen that, they don't have anything like that here.

SkyeBlue2U said...

Fantastic photo's! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow...those pics are amazing..

now does it snow there?

Jon Cox said...

Looks real cold but OMG it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!

Meow said...

Fridays Child ... thank you. The Beach Boxes are sort of storage type things ... see a few comments up, where I have described them.

Merle ... thank you. Yes, together is very important, and we as a family do a lot of that. We hope to go down the Great Ocean Road way in September ... finger's crossed.

Jenn ... thank you, it was great.

Loraloo ... thank you.

Viamarie ... thank you.

Heidi ... thank you.

Susie ... thank you. We often just go for a few hours to the beach in summer ... usually just enough to get sunburnt LOL.

Autumn ... thank you.

Skyeblue ... thank you.

Bossy Britches ... thank you. No, generally it doesn't snow here, only if we have some freak weather ... which is very, very rare !!

Jon Cox ... thank you.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Almost the weekend. Take care, Meow