Monday, June 05, 2006

What A Weekend !!!

Hello Dear Friends ...

It feels like ages since I have had the chance to say G'Day to you all (although I think it was only last Thursday !!). I feel like a lifetime has passed !!!

Before I start rambling, I must tell you about Chicky's performance in the Dance Contest on Friday night. Her school's dance groups did amazingly well, with the teams coming 1st and equal 2nd, and the Troupe (which Chicky was part of) came second. They danced so well, they should have come first ... but second is pretty good too !! It was so exciting ... the cheer-squad for her school was most definately the loudest !!! We are so proud. She just loves dancing, and being on stage. Don't know that I could do it (even if I could dance!!). I think I'd get stage-fright !!

I have spent most of the past 3 days in front of my computer ... but unfortunately not doing anything fun !! I had the most boooooring document that needed typing (You know I have a typing business, I think !!). It was a Franchise Agreement ... a legal document ... and was 99 typed pages long (very full pages, at that !). The guy that wanted it typed no longer had it on disc or computer, so it needed re-typing. It was full of indentation, numbered lists, bolding, and heaps of other formatting. It wasn't just straight typing, which would have been easy ... it was hard yakka !! I spent ages just trying to set it up, and then nasty Word kept stuffing up my formatting ... all in all I had a bugger of a time !!! It was worth it in the end, as the pay was lovely !!! I finally had it finished around mid-day Sunday. The document and disc was collected, and I was paid ... yay !!

Afterward, we went out shopping !!! I had seen a great computer corner desk that I wanted, as the desk I was using was way-small !! It was the perfect opportunity to go out and get it, so we did. Hubby and I spent a couple of hours putting the thing together ... it was like a jigsaw, with zillions of little (and big) screws and fixtures !! Eventually we got it together, I sorted out everthing from the old desk (which is now in Chicky's room ... she's excited, too !!) and put it all together in and on the new desk. I loooove it, it looks wonderful. What do you think ?

I had another document to type today, for another guy, which was also a pain. But I got through that, and now I am free again ... yippee !!! I can get back to the world of Blogging. Watch out, I'll be coming by to visit !!

I received a lovely postcard in the mail today ... check it out at my Postcard Blog - here !

I also received a lovely package from Cathy. Thank you so much Cathy, it is wonderful. The package consisted of: a little stuffed kitty (which is sitting near my computer, keeping me company), a couple of Canada pencils and a Canada Pen, a great little notbeook, a gorgeous kitty magnet (which is already on my fridge), some cute tissues, and she wrote me a lovely note in a beautiful kitty card. Here, have a look at all my lovely things ...

It has been really cold here today ... it got down to 4ºC overnight, and only got up to 11ºC during the day. The sun took ages to break through. I found it very hard to stay warm today, and really cranked up the heating. I am not feeling 100% ... a bit achey and stiff (from sitting in front of the computer in one position for such a long time, I guess), and fairly tired. I feel the cold heaps when I am tired. The rest of the week is looking to have more cold nights, and cool (but sunny) days. Then the weekend is looking wet ... typical, we have a long weekend coming up - to celebrate the Queens Birthday.

Anyway, how was your weekend ?? I hope it was better than mine !!

Hubby and I are off to the movies tomorrow with my mum and dad. We are going to see "Poseidon", which was only very recently released here. Looks like a great movie ... I loved the original. I'll let you know what I think next time I post. Poor Chicky will be at school, while we are having fun !! Oh well, only 2 weeks until end of Term 2 ... then they have 2 weeks holiday. Don't know what we will do during this 2 weeks, hopefully lots of fun stuff !!

I hope you all have a great week.

Take care,



DayByDay4-2Day said...

When it's 11c (56f) us Michiganeers are happy in the winter. It gets much colder then that. As low as (-5f) with the wind

I love the desk.

This is the last week for my kids. Then they are out for Summer vacation.

megz_mum said...

I am glad your typing weekend resulted in a beautiful desk - looks great! "Poseidon" looked a bit scary, I will look forward to your review. Congrats to Chicky!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

for us idoits, please convert that to farenhiet..haha

it has been near 100 degreees farehnet here..its hot..haha

i love your desk, very nice;)

LoraLoo said...

I like hearing about your winter while we're in the midst of summer. It was about 108 degrees here yesterday!

Nicole said...

I'm sitting in "my room" (the garage)freezing all my bits off, so that tells you how committed I am to my blogging world. Lovely how hard work always pays, is'nt it? Good on you sweetpea! xox

Alice said...

Well done Chickie girl! Give her a big hug from me. And well done YOU for finishing that 99 page retype (ouch) and getting paid.


Cool desk, but just one thing: You're telling me you put that thing together is A COUPLE OF HOURS?

Jeeze, that would've taken me all day, probably. I'm useless at building stuff, even if it comes with step-by-step instructions, which is why I tend to leave it for someone else to do.

We're starting summer in earnest here. It's hot, and the sun (when it shines; the weather is still not ready to completely let go of its April Showers yet) beats down brightly, heavily and relentlessly.

Which means my hayfever is back in earnest.

I hate summer. And yeah, yeah, I know; I'm a horrible kill joy but seriously, I just don't deal well with too much heat, let alone with a muggy head, stuffed up, sore itchy nose (as well as periodical sneezing), burning eyes and a scratchy throat.


I prefer Autumn and winter, even with the rain and the ice.

Especially Autumn. All that colour, the brisk, crisp air, the magical atmosphere...

...And my birthday is slap bang in the middle of it, so it's a win, win!


Reverberate58 said...

I am looking out my window at the sun knowing it is hot having been out in it already. Hard to imagine you are starting into your winter!

My weekend was wonderful and a bit lazy. Hubby and I spent Saturday driving around a bit and being together. Then Sunday I watched the 4400 marathon, beaded and scrapbooked. Along with my blogging. Nice weekend!

Saur♥Kraut said...

It's a pretty desk! Sorry it's so cold there. Bleah! It's beautiful, sunny and warm here with a cool breeze. Pretty much the perfect day. But then, when we're in winter, you're having those perfect days. Seems weird, huh? It does to me!

My weekend sorta sucked but it coulda been worse. And I got to go out with my friend Michelle, so that was my bright spot!

Meow said...

Daybyday ... I know I shouldn't really complain about the cold ... that is really about as cold as it gets !!! Fortunately we don't get snow and ice !! How long is Summer vacation ??

Megz Mum ... thank you. I will let you know about Poseidon.

Bossy Britches ... 11ºC is only mid-50s Fahrenheit !! So not really that cold, in your terms, i guess !! Are you enjoying the heat ??

LOraloo ... wow, 108 ... that's pretty hot !! Stay cool !!

Nicole ... thank you. Goodness, that's dedication, blogging in the garage in the midst of Winter !!

Alice ... thank you. Bad luck about the hay fever ... fortunately that's something I've never had to worry about *yay*. I'm not a big fan of hot-hot weather, particularly the humid stuff. I prefer Spring and Autumn, myself !!

Reverberate ... sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. The 4400 marathon would've been good. I missed a few episodes, and want to get it on DVD. Great show.

Saurkraut ... thank you. As I said, the Winter here isn't really too bad by American standards ... it doesn't snow, and rarely gets below what we've been having these past few days. Bearable. Sorry you had a not so good weekend. Glad you caught up with your friend.

Thanks everyone. Hope you have a wonderful week. Take care, Meow

angel, jr. said...

Have a great week!!

Meow said...

Angel ... thank you, you too !! Take care, Meow

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Summer vacation ends the last week in August.

YOur blood is thinner and you would have a hard time with our cold. I have a hard time when it's very humid in the summer.

Thanks for the compliment again about my jewelry. I've gotten some great respondses on these two peices. I might have to do some for selling.

Peter said...

Nice new desk Meow, It's even getting a bit cold up here in sunny Queensland, mainly overnight.

kimananda said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you have the patience to type something like that. It'd have to be a lot of money to get me to do something like that. But, at least you can type at a beautiful desk. :-)

Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ Thanks for your comment on
Little Tony, and the body parts.
Congrats on your Typing work AND the
new desk looks like a great place to work and Blog. Take care, Merle.

Jamie Dawn said...

Very nice, new workstation.

Hooray for Chicky on a job well done!!
Keep on dancing, Chickadee!

Connie and Rob said...

Your desk is really fun. It is just rediculous how much you have to go through putting things together nowadays. I think they should take off extra if you have to spend two hours on the floor puting it together.

Hope you feel better very soon. Get some rest.


green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Meow
I LOVE the desk I want it!!!!!!! It fits so nice there in your space, I need a new one but can never make up my mind. Nice choice LOL
I did not know you had a typing buis. I knew you had typing skills. you mean while I am looking at my fingers to find the letter G your pumping out 120wpm -200wpm well no wonder you are about so much , perfect, wish it was me LOL
Wish you could be at the cabin this weekend , but I guess the drive would kill the funbuzz huh? well I will be thinking and of course talking about you my friend ,wishing you a wonderful weekend as well(((((((( hugs)))))))))))
Greeneyes now that took me an hour to type ! LMAO hahahahahahah

Maddy said...

yeah!!! for chickee!!!!

smiles! (cha-cha-cha)

Dick said...

Thanks for your visits to my place. That job is perfect for you as you are home for Chicky and able to control your working hours. Sounds like a good job situation for you & your family. Typing can be tedious but there are some creative aspects to it, too.

Meow said...

Daybyday ... wow, 3 months off school ... wish our kids had that. They get 6 weeks at Christmas, then 3 lots of 2 weeks throughout the year, breaking up the 4 terms.

Peter ... I hear it does get pretty cold overnight in Queensland, particularly inland. Stay rugged up, won't you.

Kimananda ... I usually do have the patience, as I love typing, but business has been slow so I haven't had much. This was really hard, as I was out of practice !!

Merle ... thank you, and you are most welcome.

Jamie ... thank you. Chicky loves her dancing, has been doing it since she was 3.

Connie ... I am feeling normal again today, thank you, especially when I opened the wonderful gift from you ... thank you so much, it is gorgeous. I also have another huge typing job do do ... it doesn't rain, but it pours !! Hugs to you, too.

Greeneyes ... oooh, thank you. I wish I could be there, too. I bet you have sooooo much fun. Have a couple of drinks for me, won't you !! I'll be thinking of you, whilst we are at our caravan at Bonnie Doon ... it is a long weekend, we are going away, yay !! Big hugs to you.

Maddy ... thank you. :-)

Dick ... the typing business has been great. I have had it for quite a few years now, but things have been really quite these past couple. All of a sudden I am overwhelmed, however. Oh well, the money is great !!

Thanks everyone. Have a great week. take care, Meow xx

Ebun said...

When folks say its freezing or even cold, I really don't get it because it's always hot here, It may rain cats and dogs now and then but the very next minute the weather is hot again.
Nice desk!

Michelle said...

Love the desk! Lovely pressie from Cathy :o)

Val said...

Well, I'm another one who says: "I love your desk!". I love getting an Officeworks catalogue so I can pretend I'm picking out a new workstation. The rounded bookcases at the end are really great.

Meow said...

Ebun ... thank you. Nigeria must be an amazing place to live. We don't really have "real" cold, like in America, Canada, Europe, but our cold is cold enough for us !!

Michelle ... thank you, I love my desk, and my gorgeous pressie from Cathy.

Val ... thank you. I am addicted to Officeworks catalogues ... I was just drooling through one earlier. As a matter of fact, I'm off to Officeworks tomorrow with Chicky, who is addicted to stationery (as I am !!).

Take care, friends ... Meow

Aunt Jo said...

My daughter Cassidy had her dance recital this weekend. 111 dancers in 40 acts....whew!! It was fun to watch the little ones. They are so funny when they see the audience. They either ham it up or clam it up! :o) (mine is a ham)

Wow cold weather! We have had some days near 100 degrees (F) already!!

Aunt Jo said...

PS Way to go Chicky!Shake that booty!

Meow said...

Aunt Josefina ... it is great fun watching dance recitals. Chicky has been dancing since she was 3, and has done quite a few recitals (or concerts, as we call them !!). We always get a copy of the Video or DVD, so can replay it over and over. The professional photos are always fun, too. Her first concert was so cute ... she was a "ham" too ... just made everyone laugh at her cuteness !!

Enjoy your warm weather. Take care, Meow

Cathy said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment; I had actually visited earlier on, but wasn't able to post a comment :( I am so so glad the package finally did arrive. I hope you are having a great week!

Meow said...

Cathy ... thank you. Blogger is being a real pain, lately. Don't know what's up.
Thank you so much for the lovely gift. I love it.
My week is getting along busily.
Hope yours is good.
Take care, Meow

dragonflyfilly said...

i thought you said your work space was messy...that looks very tidy to me...what a fab desk!

cheers, and it is 12:27, not 21:27 like i said in the previous post.

Jenn said...

That's a great little corner desk. I like it. :-)

Meow said...

PJ ... it is only tidy because I have just put it all into a new desk !!! You should see it on a normal day !!

Jenn ... thanks, I like it too. Makes life much more simpler and more organised !!

Take care, Meow