Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday On My Mind ...

Hello, dear Friends ....

Another week is almost over ... it's Friday again !!

How has your week been ?? I hope it has been as enjoyable as mine.

I'm a bit sad, though, as after the weekend Chicky is back at school, and we go back to routine ... getting up to an alarm, going to bed earlier, homework (hers, not mine !!), and all the other stuff that goes with a normal week of school and work (for Hubby). Boooooring !!! I think I like holidays better. Nothing nicer than waking up whenever, hanging around in your PJs until all hours, and doing a lot of nothing. Mmmmm, bliss. Oh well, life goes on, I guess !!

I found the lyrics to one of my favourite old Easybeats songs ... Friday On My Mind ...

Monday morning feels so bad
Everybody seems to nag me
Come on Tuesday I feel better
Even my old man looks good
Wednesday just won't go
Thursday goes too slow
I've got Friday on my mind
Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she's so pretty
She looks fine tonight
She is outa' sight to me
Tonight, I'll spend my bread
Tonight, I'll lose my head
Tonight, I've got to get tonight
Monday I'll have Friday on my mind
Do the five day drag once more
I know of nothing else that bugs me
More than working for the rich man
Hey I'll change that scene one day
Today I might be mad
Tomorrow I'll be glad
'Cause I've got Friday on my mind
Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl she's so pretty
She looks fine tonight
She is outa' sight to me
Tonight, I'll spend my bread
Tonight, I'll lose my head
Tonight, I've got to get tonight
Monday I'll have Friday on my mind
I'm gonna have fun in the city
I'll be with my girl she's so pretty
I'm gonna have fun in the city
Gonna have some fun
Be with my girl she's so pretty
Gonna have some fun
Gonna have fun in the city
Gonna have some fun
Be with my girl she's so pretty
In the city tonight
Gonna have fun in the city

I found an interesting article in our Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper this morning ...

Glam rockers Kiss opened their first cafe yesterday in a bid to rival Starbucks.
Kiss Coffeehouse opened for business selling Kiss Frozen Rockuccino, French Kiss Vanilla and Demon Dark Roast.
A crowd of 2000 turned up for the opening at the South Carolina resort of Myrtle Beach.
"Every army needs food and drink and the Kiss Army is no exception!" shouted Gene Simmons, the bass player in the 1970s rock group.
Singer Paul Stanley said other stores could be opened in Las Vegas and other resorts.

I was wondering if any of you, my American blogger friends, have seen this store, or will be soon ?? If so, it would ge great if you could share a photo of it, as our newspaper didn't show us any photos. I imagine the interior would be really interesting. I am a Kiss fan from way back (bet you didn't know that about me !!).

Anyway, that's about all from me for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you have a long weekend for the 4th of July holiday, hope it is amazing. Happy 4th of July to you all.

Take care,



Connie and Rob said...

I didn't know about the new "Kiss Coffehouse"! I could tell the way that little kitty is dancing that she had a wild I agree it would be fun to see a picture and see what it looks like inside.

Lots of hugs,

Meow said...

Connie ... oooh, yeah, there is a wild side inside this little kitty (shame it doesn't come out too often these days, though !!!). I seem to have mellowed lately ... sigh !!
Have a wonderful day, lots of hugs ... Meow

Diane said...

Hi, Meow. I haven't heard about the Kiss Coffeehouses until I read it here. Of course, I live in Hickville, USA, very rural here, LOL. :-)
The closest big city is Memphis, Tennessee, about 75 miles away, so if they open one there, there's a vague chance I MIGHT get to go to one.

Kiss is one of my favorite groups from the 80's. "Rock and Roll All Night", "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and "Beth" are my favorites. :-)

By the way, I tagged you for a meme, if you want to participate. If not, no hard feelings. I don't do all the ones I'm tagged for. ;-)

Hope you have a great weekend, Meow.

Love and Hugs,


Meow said...

Diane ... I don't imagine there's anything wrong with living in "Hickville" ... I like rural areas, away from the hustle and bustle. I'm not a big fan of crowds and traffic !! Kiss were so cool ... unfortunately I never saw them live in concert, but loooove their music ... even now still !! I'll come on over and check out the meme, and we'll see how we go !!
Thank you, and have a great weekend.
Take care, many hugs, Meow

Dick said...

Check on Deni's blog at She lives in Mt. Airy, NC so perhaps isn't too far from there. Drop a comment to her about this place.


I wish I could do the same. Stay in my pjs the whole day doing nothing. Lounging and just resting.

Meow said...

Dick ... thanks, I will do that.

Fridays Child ... my days of doing that are almost over ... sigh !!

Take care, Meow

Saur♥Kraut said...

I met Gene Simmons. A marketing guru. I'm actually going to be on his show this year (just a cameo appearance) believe it or not. :D

Alice said...

Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do!

The pictures of the beach were fantastic. One day if ever I can I'll post a picture of Caswell Bay, so you can see that Britain has beautiful beaches too!


Loved the lyrics to that Friday song. Wasn't so taken with the one about Monday, sorry.

Shame about Chickie going back to school; real life can interfere with things some, can't it? At least you've had some great experiences, though.

Have a great weekend and I'll check in with you Monday.


PS: Someone is trying to rival Starbucks?

Wow. Good luck to them...

Kali said...

I prefer the school holidays's such a relief not having to be so organised, and having the luxury of no deadlines etc.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and make sure you do something nice and easy before the 'grind' starts back up on Monday. Night night!

Raggedy said...

I have never heard of that Coffeehouse. Thank you for asking us about our week. Mine was one of those roller coaster weeks. I am looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy what is left of your time off!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Devil Mood said...

Yes, holidays are much better than regular days, but we need these to make the holidays special :)
At least there's a little break called weekend in the middle of the boredom...Have a great one! :)

Nerdine said...

I like the holidays too. I have done so many things in the past two weeks, I could use a week of just relaxing around the house in my PJ's... No such luck I'm afraid. I need to be back at work on Monday...


COxford said...

Saw your comment on The Bestest Blog and would like to exchange links with you. I have a personal blog and write whatever comes to mind. You can check out my blog first and send me an email or post a comment.

I love cats also and have a 13 year old Persian named Max. He doesn't know that he is a cat.

C. Oxford

Meow said...

Saur ... wow, that is so exciting. I'll have to keep my eye out for you ... I think we get his show on Cable.

Alice ... thank you. I wonder if anyone would be able to rival Starbucks ... I think it would be a pretty tough call !!

Kali ... thank you, I will. Chicky is going to the footy today, to see Hawthorn V St Kilda ... her first footy match ever. She is ever so excited !!

Raggedy ... thank you. I hope your weekend makes up for your rollercoaster week.

Devil Mood ... thank you, and it is so true. Holidays wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't the anticipation of one coming up.

Nerdine ... welcome back, and I'm glad your trip went well. I'll have to pop over to read all about it.

Coxford ... hi, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting. I popped over to visit yours, and I'm ok with you linking me. I'll link you too, next time I play with Blogrolling (I only do it weekly !). In the meantime, I'll bookmark you. Thanks again.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Take care, Meow

dragonflyfilly said...

KISS AND coffee...whoa, i think i have died and gone to heaven!!!

Meow said...

Dragonflyfilly ... sounds pretty cool, doesn't it !!
Take care, Meow