Monday, November 28, 2005

A New Beginning ????

Hi There, and Welcome to my Blog.
In case you don't become aware of it, as you read through my post, I am new to this blogging caper. I was introduced to it only yesterday, and thought it might be something I would enjoy. I love to talk, and I love to write, so this is a perfect way to combine both these things in a manner that might be of some interest to somebody (or so I hope !!).
Anyway, it is currently around 1pm in the wonderful land of Oz. It is a sunny day, although it is threatening to cloud over and rain. It is, however, fairly warm, and I have all the doors and windows open to enjoy the fresh air.
My day today has been fairly uneventful ... I took my daughter to school, stayed for Monday morning assembly (which turned out to be very "same old stuff, different day" ... but I like to be there to show my motherly support !), then (how unusual) I went grocery shopping, then came home to play on the computer (again, how unusual !!).
It's very weird, I can't seem to get back into the normal reality of life again, as my family (husband, 11yo daughter and myself), along with 4 other families recently spent nearly 7 weeks on the road, travelling from Melbourne Victoria, all the way north to Cape York in Far North Queensland. We left home late July, and returned home early September. Although it is now late November, it feels like only yesterday, and I wish we could pack up and go again tomorrow.
We had a brilliant time, took heaps of photos (around 1700, to be precise), met some fabulous people, saw some amazing sights .... then came home !!!
Now, I know life isn't always one big holiday, and we need to work to earn money to have these holidays, but I wish we could still be there in Far North Queensland.
Don't get me wrong, I love my normal life, live in a great house, have wonderful friends, love my family, but what's wrong with wanting that wonderful holiday to never end ?? If you have ever been up there, you'll know what I mean ... there is something so wild and amazing about being off the beaten track, camping in the middle of nowhere, taking in all those wonderful sights, not knowing what's around the next bend in the road. It was just magical.
Anyway, I imagine after reading these ramblings, that you can guess that I am feeling a bit stir-crazy. I am hoping that by writing down my thoughts, sharing my life experiences, showing some photos, that I can get myself back to reality somewhat ... d'you reckon ???
There, I might leave it at that, having totally perplexed anyone who may read this. You probably think I am totally mad (perhaps I am !!), but I hope you may find some interest in my blogging.
Take care, until next time,


Michelle said...

Trust me you don't want to be here now...34C and 26 overnight...ickkk...I'm ready to move back to Melbourne! Gimme those Knox latte's and Borders books!

Meow said...

I know it must be pretty hot, but when you are on holidays it is just different - it needs to be hot ! Don't know that I could put up with summer heat up north. Good luck !!!