Monday, November 28, 2005

Elliot / Twin Falls

Just a little sample photo, to tempt your taste-buds !

This is one of a group of waterfalls, along the Telegraph Track in Cape York, called Elliot / Twin Falls.

There is also another one nearby called Fruit Bat Falls, which is also spectacular, and has a huge swimming hole (which they guarantee has no crocs lurking !).

The kids swam (not at this particular point, however) in the shallow areas nearby, the men found a water hole which was like a spa, and I wandered around photographing everything in sight.

What a wonderful day that was.


Madi said...

Great pic. Wish I was with you.

Meow said...

It was a really beautiful place. Took so many photos. It was wonderful. Can't wait to go back in a few years.