Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Nearly Christmas

Well, folks, it is late afternoon, 30th November 2005. In my world, that means tomorrow is "Put Up Christmas Day". Yep, I'm gonna spend the day decorating my house, getting ready for Christmas. I like to do it as early as possible, as we head off on Christmas Day for a couple of weeks of R&R at our caravan at Bonnie Doon .... Yes, that would be the Bonnie Doon of "The Castle" fame .... aaaah, The Serenity ! Anyway, if I didn't put up Christmas early, and left it to Christmas Eve (as is the tradition of many people), I wouldn't get to enjoy it. I'm not really looking forward to the work of putting it all up (I have heaps of stuff, decorate the whole house, even the bathroom !!!), but looking forward to the end result. Must motivate myself !!!! Must also get into the Christmas shopping. As usual, I haven't really started, apart from a couple of things for my daughter. Oh well, last minute shopping usually nets good results, anyway. Must motivate the bank-account for that one !!! I guess I'm gonna be one tired kitty tomorrow evening.

Take care, until next time,



Michelle said...

Love your pussycat! Your template is looking so nice. Blogger must of eaten my post i posted yesterday! So you went shopping, i am envious! Of course i'd be more envious if you had had coffee at Knox LOL! Or bought books at Borders!! Although, i have about 10 or 11 next to my bed at the moment i am trying to get through!
I bet your house looks wonderful all decorated, its fun to do it. Do you bake for Christmas?
I remember that Healsville road being packed with cars returning home from Bonnie Doon. We used to go there as kids...amazing :)

Meow said...

I'm trying to motivate myself to get all the chrismas stuff down, and put it all up ... it takes ages, but it is fun. And, yes, the house looks great (at least I think so!!)
Don't actually get around to too much baking, but spend a bit of money at the continental delis and Aldi getting my german christmas munchies !!