Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's an Amineko Party

Hi Everyone ...

Yesterday (Saturday) I joined a group of women, two of whom I have known via blogging and Facebook for five or so years, but have never actually met face to face.  One of these lovely ladies, Susan (along with her beautiful daughter Renata) has regular get togethers, which she calls UFO days (or occasionally Stitch & Bitch days !), where the attendees bring whatever stitching / knitting / crocheting / whatever project they happen to be working on, along with a plate of something to share for lunch.  Susan has been inviting me to join this group for quite a few months, but various circumstances have stopped me from being able to attend.  This month, I decided that nothing would stop me from attending !!

So, after dropping Elisabeth off at work in the morning, I filled my car up with petrol, and off I went with my Google Maps instructions on how to get there.  It took around 2 hours, there was a bit of traffic, but eventually I got there, just before 11am.

There were around 8 or 9 women there, as the day progressed, and the room was full of crafting and chatting.  We had a lovely lunch, there was a great variety, and lots of it.  I had made some mini quiches, which everyone seemed to like, as they were all eaten.

Susan has a family of Amineko cats (and a dog) which she has crocheted, so I took my Amineko cat, Neko, along for a visit ... he loved meeting Susan's critters, and it seemed they had lots of fun catching up.

Here is a photo of the 4 of them ... My Neko is the one on the left !!

Here is a photo of Susan, Renata and myself (hmmm, you'd think I would've smiled a little bit, wouldn't you !?!?!  I've never liked myself in photos, and in this one I am all shiny ... oh well ... Susan and Renata look great !!)

As the afternoon progressed, the sky started to darken, and as the majority of us had travelled from Melbourne (the gathering was just outside of Castlemaine), people started heading home so as not to get caught in the forecast storm.  I left around 4pm, and had an easy drive home, arriving just as the rain started spitting.

I had a great day meeting these lovely two ladies, along with all the other ladies that were there.  I am really bad with names, so unfortunately I cannot remember most of their names ... I hope they forgive me when next we meet, if I don't know them by name !!!

I just want to say a big thank you to Susan and Renata for inviting me, and for opening their home on a regular basis like this.  I look forward to joining the group again, as it was a wonderful day.

Happy crafting, everyone ...

Take care,


PEA said...

Happy New Year Connie:-) My goodness, it's been much too long since I've paid you a visit...thank you so much for having left comments on my blog, it's lovely to see you blogging again!!

I just finished reading your post regarding your Christmas celebrations and it sounds like a fabulous time was had by all:-) Being with family is what Christmas is all about, isn't it!!

I've also just read that you got yourself a job, good for you:-) I'd like to get something part time around here but not sure what I'd like to do yet.

The Amineko Party you went to sounds so delightful and I can well imagine how fun it was. Need to have something like that around here, unfortunately all of my blogging friends live too far away! lol

All the very best in the new year! xoxo

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A fine picture of you three, Connie.

Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ Sounds like a fun time - good for you.
Thank you so much for the welcome home and all your other messages. I am glad to be home after 6 weeks, but still very weak. Can only walk with my frame. I have had my granddaughter
Rebecca here for a week and that was great. She cooked, shopped and washed. We arranged meals for lunch from a local cafe and so far they are very nice. So
all I have to do is go to physio twice a week for awhile and do my exercises to get strong again.
Thanks again Connie, I do
appreciate all my dear friends who cared enough to comment.Love, Merle.

Michael Manning said...

Hope the New Year will bring you many more meetings as this one, Connie! :)

Greeneyes (LOL) said...

Hi My Sweet Friend , I did not know that you were blogging , I have to check here more often , so funny I was looking at oyur new pic and as looking for the LIKE button HAHA Facebook is embeded in my brain and rotted it LOL I really like the pic ,one thing missing (ME) ;-0) one day it will be . I think you look good , and shinny , well thats jsut the sunshinny disposition you have coming through xoxoxoxoxoxooxox
love you xxooxox, see you on the other side of cyber ville LOL

Merle said...

Hi again Connie ~ Thanks for your comments on my last post. I am gradually getting stronger, but it is hard going. Can't sit at computer
as long as I'd like. Have to get up and walk or exercise.
Take care dear friend. Love and Hugs, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi Connie ~~ What is with this new word verification?
I can't read the darn things. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoy
reading the jokes etc.
Take care my friend, Love and Hugs, Merle.