Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Checking In !!!

Hi Everyone !!!

Once again, it's been far too long between posts. Yes, I'm slack, and no, I have no excuses !!

So, what have I been doing since my last post ...

Hmmm, let me check my diary !!!

Ok, on the 14th of February, my Hubby and myself took ourselves to Bonnie Doon, to stay overnight with my cousins, and to attend a brilliant concert at the Bonnie Doon Hotel. James Reyne & Vanessa Amorosi, the first two acts, were amazing, loved them, loved them, loved them ... But then came INXS, who were simply fantastic ... They have a new lead singer, who is very cute, and does a brilliant job (no Michael Hutchence, mind you, but Michael would be pleased with his efforts !). We had a wonderful night, followed by more fun and drinks with my cousins and friends ... A great weekend.

A couple of weeks later, it was the Australia Day long weekend. We headed to Lake Eildon, to an area known as The Pines. We were with a bunch of people, some of who we spent last Easter together with at the same place, and some others who we got to know over the weekend. The weather was great, very warm, and we had a wonderful four day weekend.

On the 4th February we joined over 400 other cars, on a "Black Saturday Remembrance Cruise", where we drove from Lilydale, through Yarra Glen, Toolangi and across to Healesville, where there was a car show ... Many of the participants were in vintage and classic cars (we were in our trusty Nissan Patrol !!) The event was organized to raise money for the Healesville area CFA, and in remembrance of those who were lost in the Black Saturday bush fires a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful afternoon, which I think raised quite a lot of money. I felt honored to be a part of it, and hope to join again next year.

The patchwork classes I attend started again, once the school year resumed at the beginning of February. I attend two different classes ... One weekly, during the day on Thursdays, and another, fortnightly, Thursday evenings. They are very enjoyable, and we are doing very different projects in each class.

I also attend a weekly Creative Writing class ... This is keeping my mind active, and is very enjoyable. I have put together a couple of interesting stories and poems so far !!

I have also been very busy with my job as Casual School Crossing Supervisor ... I have had crossings on most days, some mornings, some afternoons, some both !! I am enjoying it very much, and hope continue with it for the rest of the year.

I spent a whole weekend, and then some, reformatting my laptop computer ... It had been doing some strange things, which I thought a total clean out would solve !! The strange things did go away, and I had what felt like a new computer ... For a week ... Then it totally crapped itself and will now no longer turn on. I googled the problem, and it seems it is most likely a buggered motherboard. I will eventually get a new laptop, not worth spending the money to get the old one fixed. For now, I am making do with my iPad ... It's fun, I can do most things, however I hugely miss my computer. Plus, all my photos are on an external drive, so I currently cannot access them, hence this post being picture-less !!

The other day, Elisabeth and I went to explore some of the parks and playgrounds around Knox ... We had fun, took some lovely photos ... Will share them with you another time, though !!!

Well, that's about it, apart from all the normal stuff which most people do.

Hope you are all well and happy.

Take care, until next time ...



PEA said...

Goodness, no wonder you haven't had time for blogging! lol You really have been very busy but it's all been fun stuff so that's a good thing:-) I love INXS, you're soooo lucky to have seen them in concert!

Oh dear, what a shame your computer "died" on you. As you say, though, sometimes it's better to just buy a new one than spend money trying to get it repaired if it's old. My desktop computer still works even though it's over 10 years old but I mainly use my laptop now. I keep the desktop one just in case my laptop dies! lol God forbid if I should be without a computer!! hehe xoxo

Barbara said...

Sounds like a good month and its not even over yet!!!!