Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hello Everyone !!

Hope you had an enjoyable slide into the New Year ... it's incredible to think it is already 2012 ... it seems like only yesterday that we were welcoming (or dreading !?!?!) the new Millennium ... and now it is 12 years later ... wow, how time flies !!!

We have been enjoying holidays since December 23rd (that was Baron's last day of work for the year), although Elisabeth hasn't been fortunate enough to have a holiday break this Summer ... she hasn't been working long enough yet !! 

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents, and had a wonderful time, as always, eating, talking, exchanging presents, drinking, and just enjoying each other's company.

Christmas Day was fairly quiet for Baron and I ... Elisabeth spent most of the day with her (now ex) boyfriend and family, but came home with a good friend for dinner outside by the spa ... it was a lovely evening, with lovely weather (and a few too many mozzies, unfortunately !!).

We had a quiet Boxing Day at home, then Baron and I headed off the next morning to join friends on the Murray River, near Barooga, for a few days (poor Elisabeth had work, so she stayed home !).  We had fun, enjoyed the company of lovely people, but I felt bad about leaving Elisabeth home alone.  We arrived back home on the 30th December.

New Year's Eve, as soon as Elisabeth finished work around 5pm, the three of us headed off to Bonnie Doon, to celebrate New Years with all of our friends at Peppin Point.  We had a great time, partied hard, and (unfortunately) felt a bit seedy for New Year's Day (particularly Baron, who slept through half the day !!!).

This photo is the whole gang, just after midnight, posing for a (very drunken) group shot ...

We went out in our friend's boat in the afternoon on New Years Day, for a while, had a swim, and enjoyed the great weather ... it was quite hot up there !! 

My beautiful daughter sitting in the front of the boat ...

Going under the Bonnie Doon bridges ...

Looking toward the bridge on Dry Creek Road, Bonnie Doon ...

We came home yesterday (Monday), before the day got too hot, and have had the airconditioning on almost non stop ever since (only turning it off briefly, as it iced up overnight ... must've got humid overnight!). 

I picked up Bambi this morning, from the boarding cattery ... the silly cat has been meowing not stop, wanting cuddles and attention, going in, and out, and in, and out ... OMG, wish I had a revolving door, or a cat flap, for her !!!

It seems weird being home already ... we are usually away for a full two weeks ! Baron doesn't go back to work till the 9th January.  We plan on doing a lot of nothing between now and then ... maybe go for a drive or two, and do some stuff around the house (maybe !!). 

I hope your holidays are going well, and the weather, wherever you are, is being kind.  Enjoy your time with family and friends.

Until next time ...

Take care,

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