Friday, January 12, 2007

Hmmmm ... Friday Again !!

Where has the week gone ??? It seems the older I get, the more time flies ... what's with that ?!?!?!

Anyway, what have you been up to this week ???

I finally took down Christmas today. It took me hours ... didn't realise how much stuff I had throughout my house. I was almost tempted to just leave it ... save me some work in December, putting it up again !! But, I did take it all down. Now I need to do a thorough houseclean ... dusting, wiping, vacuuming, windows, etc. Looks like that's what my weekend will be all about !!

Did I mention I got an electric rice-cooker for Christmas ?!? What a wonderful invention. I have done some experimenting, and have even made a risotto in it. I have been on the internet looking up rice-cooker recipes ... there's some beauties. Looking forward to doing some more experimenting !!!

Did some shopping with Chicky today, getting most of the stuff she needs for the start of high school ... stationery, school shoes, drink bottle, lunch box, sports shoes ... all we really need now is a few moreitems of uniform (I got most of it last year ... the school uniform shop doesn't open till the 25th Jan, we'll get the rest then.), and a school bag, and we're done !!

Poor Bambi got beat up again yesterday, by Evil Max - the cat from over the road. Poor little thing is so frightened of him, it's so not fair that he stalks her, and attacks her out of the blue. She seems OK today, although was limping a bit yesterday. I'll be keeping an eye out for any abcesses that usually appear after a fight. Hopefully he didn't get any claws or teeth into her.

It's been incredibly hot these past few days ... today was almost a reprieve ... 26C instead of 36C+ ... the weekend is looking to be mild, with temps hotting up to the mid to high 30s again early next week. Those poor fire-fighters, still fighting the continuing bushfires in the east of the state ... there doesn't appear to be any break in sight for them. We had a ripper of an electrical storm overnight, which apparently started a fair few more fires for them to contend with. My hat goes off to those guys, they work so hard, at the risk of their own lives, to protect life and property. I think they deserve to be in all our prayers.

Well, I think I have gabbled on enough for now. I'm off to come visiting ... hope you've got lots of interesting stuff for me to read !!!

Take care everyone and ...

Hugs and best wishes,



Alice said...

Hi Meow - thanks for your comments. We had our 3rd hottest day on record today - 40.5º.

We are on Stage 3 water restrictions, which are about the equivalent of Stage 4.5 from last year. They chop and change all the time and they all differ from State to State, even from one town to another.

Hope you and your garden survive the rest of the summer okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I am so mad at Evil Max. Good thing I live here or his family would get a talking to from a crazy woman (ME). I feel so sorry for Bambi...give her a hug from me. Hope she feels better very soon.


Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ I agree with you whole-
heartedly about those brave men and women fire fighters and I am thankful for the Canadians and New Zealanders who have come to help us. Sorry about poor Bambi getting attacked again.
So sorry about that last post, apparently you can go to Word, Font, Whingdings, select all, then change font. I hope it doesn't happen again.
Take care,, Love, Merle.

LittleJen said...

Hi mate,
Know what you mean the days, months years are flying by now, before you know it will be easter.
The weather has just been great love it when its hot but makes it easier when you have aircon and a pool in the backyard.

Michelle said...

I agree, the firefighters are such hero's :o)

Our weather is hot of course, but the humidity is 100% :(

And yes!! The days just fly by :(

Have a good weekend :)

Raggedy said...

We have yet to take down the tree.
You are warming up and we are going in to deep freeze. If we could just mix the temperatures it would be perfect. We are at -41C or -41F is is weird but C and F are the same today.
We are keeping warm.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


You're right. Time do fly fast. It seems that this year 2007, days seem to fly very fast. January is almost gone.
Thanks for passing by.

Meow said...

Alice ... wow, 40.5C ... that's pretty warm !!! Don't know about my garden surviving ... it doesn't get watered at the best of times, and seems to thrive !!

Connie ... thank you. Max is too evil, poor Bambi. She's OK at the moment, thanks.

Merle ... thank you. It was interesting looking at your post, though ... even though it didn't make a lot of sense !!!

Littlejen ... ooooh, I wish I had a pool !!

Michelle ... thank you. Don't know about the humidity ... I'm not a great fan of it !! Hot dry heat works better for me !!

Raggedy ... OMG, minus 41 ... that's a totally uncomprehensible temperature for me ... cannot imagine such cold !! The lowest it may (very rarely) get here is 0C, and that seems really, really cold !! Stay warm, won't you !!

Fridays Child ... thank you.

Take care, MEow

Devil Mood said...

It is true. I'm not sure what the scientific explanation is but it is proved that time is perceived as flying faster as you get older.

Remember those childhood afternoons that went on and on and never seemed to end?

The Lazy Iguana said...

I want a rice cooker! Those things do seem to be cool. Plus, I have been known to burn the hell out of the rice. OOPS!

Evil Max sounds like a cat I once adopted. He would beat up all my other girl cats cause they would not put out (they were all fixed). The attempted rapist cat was a stray so I named him Malcolm and had him fixed. This happened when he came over to the house all beat up himself with a HUGE nasty abscess on his head. Gross.

Anyway, after the fixing Malcolm was nice to all the girl cats. No more attempted rapes. And he was still a BIG cat, so he was able to defend his new territory and kept any other cats from beating up the girl cats. He also once stole a half a chicken from the neighbors BBQ grill WHILE IT WAS COOKING but that is another story.

There is a Max Cat that lives around me, but he is super nice. I gave him shrimp once and so now he is my friend. He lives down the street and only comes to visit. His owner is a little girl. It was funny, a few years ago she came down the block looking for Max with her parents and said matter of factly "he does not wonder off too far since we chopped off his balls". Then she collected her cat and walked off.

Ill try to remember to look for a postcard from Lakeland Florida.

Gattina said...

There are still bushfires ? I heard less about it lately over here, that's terrible ! The poor firemen ! And we here are sitting in the rain as usual and even had a storm yesterday with wind at 120km/h gee, the trees bent down dangerously and some broke of course. Some roofs were blown off too.
These ugly cat atacking poor Bambi ! Arthur also has an awful ennemy who fights all the time. It's a black cat and poor Arthur has scratches on his nose and an injury just above his eye ! and he is such a peaceful cat.

angel, jr. said...

Have a good weekend. I never have anything interesting to read--but other people's blogs are interesting.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

At last we can bid Christmas goodbye for a short while.

CiscoKid said...

It's good to know that despite everyone's busy lives, we got time to visit other people's (friends) bloggs.
Stay busy...

Meow said...

Devil Mood ... it seems strange, though, that the kids seem to think the days go faster, than we seemed to do !!! Maybe tim is flying !!

Lazy Iguana ... great story. I have asked Max's owners whether he is fixed, and they claim he is. Maybe he's just a bully !! If it's what he's after, he ain't getting any ... Bambi is fixed, too !! Oh, do get yourself a rice cooker ... it is fab.

Gattina ... hope you got through those storms OK. Poor Arthur, hope his scratches heal well.

Angel ... thank you. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Jean-luc ... I agree, although it will be back before we know it !!

CiscoKid ... thanks, and I agree. Hopefully I'll have more time to visit this year, than I did the past few months.

Take care, Meow

Puss-in-Boots said...

Poor little Bambi! That Evil Max needs a trip to the vet I think. That will take the sting out of him in more ways that one, lol!

I know what you mean by time going fast - halfway through January already! It's really hot and humid today and hopefully we'll get a storm later...sigh.

PEA said...

Awww poor Bambi...there are human bullies and there are kitty bullies I see! My mom always said "what goes around comes around" so Evil Max will get his one day! lol We keep hearing about the fires over there on our must be so horrible and I pray for the safety of all those brave men and women who are fighting them!! Stay safe dear Meow! Hugs xox

Meow said...

Robyn ... thank you. Hope you got that much wanted rain !! We didn't !!

Pea ... thankyou. Fortunately, the fires are a long way away from home, but we still suffer with the smoke. It must be terrible to be living in the areas where the uncertainty of whether the fire will be attacking your home or not is there. I hope it all gets under control soon.

Tak care, Meow