Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Since picking up my darling Bambi from the boarding cattery yesterday (after 2 weeks away from us), she has been such a loving kitty. It's always wonderful to see that she appears to have missed us, and gives us lots of rubs and licks. She is constantly in and out of the house, just checking to see if we are still there !! I must say, I really missed her, too.

She is still losing her Winter fur ... you can pat her, and end up with handfuls of loose fur. Brushing barely does the job, the loose fur is never ending !!! She still looks gorgeous, though, even though her coat is somewhat thinner ... not quite as thick and luxurious as it is in Winter. At least we know that when the weather turns, the fur will grow back again !!

Her first night home, last night, was a disaster (for me !!!). She was inside before dark, as per normal. She was cuddly, and sleeping with both Chicky and me whilst we were on the computer and watching TV. But .... the minute we decided to go to bed .... Bambi goes psycho, and starts running around the house, as though being chased by a ghost !! I had to lock her in the part of the house where my bedroom is in, so that she couldn't get up to any mischief that I couldn't see or hear !! I had my spray water bottle at the ready, and almost had to use it on a number of occasions (she runs away at just the sound of me shaking the bottle !!!). Needless to say, I had very little sleep last night. It makes me wonder what the kitties get up to overnight at the boarding cattery ... mega parties, I reckon !!! Hopefully, tonight she will have settled down, and gotten back to the placid sleepy all night kitty I am used to. Fingers crossed !!

Doesn't she look like she is just the most innocent little critter !!


The Lazy Iguana said...

Neat auto linking thing.

My cats seem to be happy to get home after a "vacation" at the vet.

Meow said...

Lazy Iguana ... thank you. I think all kitties are happy to return home when on "vacation" !!!
Take care, Meow

Justin said...

why is she losing her fur soo much? I think you need to consult the vet..And hey, I just came across this post on Feline Diabetes. you too can check it out..

TorAa said...

1) You have a very pro blog, the design and music and graphics and everything.
2) Loosing fur is absolutely normal, even for shorthairs during summer. Why not make a pillow out of it?LoL.
We have given up, if you have a cat, then there is fur everwhere. Just use the vacuum now and then.
3) We don't have the heart to leave our cats at the vet or "kennel" while on vacation. We have a summerhouse and invite people to stay there for free to feed and keep an eye on the cats.

Thanks for sharing. Great.

Meow said...

Justin ... she is losing so much fur as it is Summer here, and she still had very thick Winter fur. Nothing sinister there, quite normal !!

Toraa ... thanks, glad you like the blog. And yes, the fur moulting is very normal. A pillow sounds interesting !!! I agree, a house isn't a home without cat fur !! It is very hard for some people to leave their 4 legged babies with others. It was either that, or we could never go away !!

Take care everyone ... Meow

Debbie said...

Lucky you it is only one cat. Try having 3 that pick the midnight hours to play chase and choose your bed as home base!

Bambi is such a sweet Kittie! I love your header with her in it! My Momo has hair loss year round! And like you said brushing does not help!

Jodi said...

Your kitty looks alot like mine! So far ours hasn't shed much fur, so this is nice.

Have a great Tuesday!

mar said...

She looks darling! what a cute kitty, hope you all got a good night sleep!!
happy tuesday, love the paws on your site!

FelineFrisky said...


Oh, she is a darling!

I just LOVE your Kitty Tuesdays! Great idea!

I have been lazy in my visitations, so sorry. Was slightly ill after the New Year. sigh

Have a marvelous day & great sleep tonight! D :)

Caylynn said...

Bambi is adorable! Sorry that you didn't have a restful night with her! My Dragonheart also seems to be full of energy just as we are going to bed, wanting to play!

Devil Mood said...

Cute white paws!
My dog is losing his fur too,it's strange because it's the peak of Winter supposedly...but he always loses it at this time of the year.
Bambi and the ghost, that was funny!

srp said...

We had a visiting kitten and she was busy almost all night. Of course when it was time to get up, she was asleep. They must party most of the night!
Mine is up too.

Viamarie said...

Nice to have you blogging back. I enjoy viewing photos that you share about your kitty and the places you go to. It makes me feel like I am there too.

Happy Wednesday!

Raggedy said...

Bambi is adorable!
I remember George Carlin talking about cats and their behavior and the sudden urge to be in another room. "Panic, OMG, I am supposed to be in the living room. Cat gets to living room, panic, OG I am supposed to be in the kitchen."
Maybe she is running from the all the shedding. tee hee
I have used wet paper towel and wiped them down with that before brushing them. It keeps some of it from floating and flying all over.
I am glad you are back.
Dog post over at my place...teehee
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

okay now this is a bit much the verification word is eight scrunched together letters....lol
Posting is like breaking into vaults these days...
I failed..haha
try again,,,here i go

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Strange that Bambi goes off the wall when you go to bed; Alex claws me at night because he wants me to go to bed so we can snuggle under the covers. Maybe that’s because on this side of the earth it’s winter and the cat who owns me is cold

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Meow, if Bambi has a very thick coat, there is a product on the market called a rake. It gets right down to the undercoat and gets all the loose hair. Wonderful little gadget, but too expensive at the vets. Go to vetshed.com.au and all animal stuff is up to 50% cheapet.

Good to see you back!

Diane said...

Well, Miz Meow, I am glad to see you back and that you had a good time on holiday, but very upset at my Bloglines! It hasn't been notifying me of your new posts. The last one I had read was the one just before you left for Bonnie Doon, so I just read several posts.

I love the pictures, as usual, and especially the ones of the birds and that sexy kitten, Bambi. ;D

Sorry I missed your posts until now. I suppose I'll have to go back to the old way, just checking in to see if anybody's posted anything new. :-)

Happy Wednesday, Meow. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure your Bambi missed you. She is still very sweet:)
from helen

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was burning the midnight oil with the other kitty's and was not ready for bed. They must have some wild times together...

Hope you get some sleep tonight.


No_Newz said...

She does look sweet and innocent. But I know better. Ours do that same feline frenzie thing too. LOL! Welcome home!

SkyeBlue2U said...

Hi Meow! Kitty is darling.

Brian said...

Welcome back Meow. Loved all the pictures and the history. Very cute birds as well.

Meow said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments ... Debbie, Jodi, Mar, Feline Frisky, Caylynn, Devil Mood, SRP, Viamarie, Raggedy, Nick, Robyn, Diane, Helen, Connie, Lois, Skyeblue, Brian ... I had typed in individual comments to all of you ... took ages ... and then darn blogger lost them !!! So, a single big thankyou to you all.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Lee said...

Wow! That was almost like "Open Sesame"! I felt like I was Aladdin! ;)

I can imagine how happy Bambi must have been to be home again with you. Of course they miss us as we do them. They know. She's such a pretty little girl. My two are losing so much fur, too...I could start making fur-filled pillows, I think with the amount that flies around here when I pat them. As you say, even brushing doesn't seem to make much difference. It's amazing how much fur they have, how much they lose...and how much remains!

PEA said...

LOL it does make you wonder what the kitties are up to during the night when they're being boarded! hehe Love the picture of Bambi, she's just gorgeous!! I was raised always having a cat in the house and I really miss having one since I've been married. Hugs xox

LZ Blogger said...

Summertime down under is the reason for the hair loss... but is hard to think that way, when we have snow on the ground here. ~ jb///

Meow said...

Lee ... hahaha ... the idea of a cat hair pillow had never occured to me !! I know what you mean, though ... there seems to be so much hair loss, it's amazing there is any left on the cat !!

Pea ... thank you. I've rarely ever been without a cat since I was born ... it's horrible without one. Can't you get yourself one !?!?

LZ Blogger ... even though we have too-hot weather, I don't envy you your snow !! I'm not a huge fan of very cold ... cool is OK, really cold is not on !!

Take care, Meow

Margaret said...

Yes Meow she just is the picture of innocence. Would not really fool cat lovers though as we know full well about kitty tricks. Hope you are completely recharged after your lovely holiday break. Great to have you back, thanks for visiting.
Cheers Margaret

Meow said...

Margaret ... hahaha, yep, you are quiet right. A cat lover knows the cheekiness of a cat !! And thanks, I am fully refreshed, and raring to go !!!
Take care, Meow