Friday, October 13, 2006

Where Has The Week Gone ???

You can all call off the search party ... I'm here ... I'm no longer AWOL. I'm sorry if any of you were worried ... I'm OK ... just a very busy girl !!!

OK, now that's out of the way, how has your week been ?? As I mentioned, mine has been very busy. I have had an over-abundance of typing again, and have also been fiddling with my iPod, along with general house-wife / mumsy duties which keep me away from the computer. All this adds up to not being able to spend nearly enough time visiting with all you, my special blog-friends.

Do you like the flowers in my picture above ??? This photo was taken in Tibooburra (the place with the rocks beside the camp ground (see my earlier posts on our trip to Broken Hill). I have a bunch of other flower photos, which never ceased to amaze me, as these flowers just grow out of the ground or rocks, where there can't possibly be any nourishment ... go figure ??? I'm sorry I can't remember what this one was ... if it comes to me, I will let you know.

I've just come back from my local shopping centre, where I actually only just popped in to get some cat food, but ended up "gas-bagging" with a friend for an hour or so. We chatted about all sorts of things, as you do, and I somehow mentioned that I blog !!! Well, it turns out that my friend had not heard of blogging before, so I gave her a brief description, and my blog address, so hopefully she will come and visit. (Hi, Lisa, if you are reading this !!)

This got me thinking ... don't laugh, I do think sometimes !!! This little world of ours, that we take for granted, is really not all that well known. Obviously, WE all know what blogging is, but there is a whole lot of people out there that don't know what it is that we do. I think that is pretty strange, really. Are we some sort of secret society ??? Is it really such a special thing that we do ??? Although, thinking back to last year, before I started blogging ... I didn't know what it was either !! So, what does this all mean ?? Where am I heading with this topic ?? Who knows, really, just that I find it fascinating that something we really DO take for granted, is not really something that is known by all. Sad, really, as it has certainly opened up my eyes, and taught me so much about other people, cultures, countries ... whatever. I know that I, personally, try and talk about my blogging experiences as often as possible, and try to get new people involved all the time, as I know it is something I really enjoy, and feel that everyone should have the same opportunities that I have. I also know that I have made some wonderful new friends out of this experience ... you all know who you are !! Blogging has been such a positive, fun-filled experience for me, and I thank you all for being a huge part of it.

It seems Blogger is letting me (and hopefully all of you, too) post pictures again !! That was so frustrating early in the week ... Blogger sure can be a booger. I wonder how much all these problems have to do with the change over to Beta Blogger ??? I haven't changed over yet ... I'm waiting to be told by Blogger that it is my turn to change over ... hopefully they will do all the work for me !! I dread having to re-create my blog ... I like it the way it is. Or, is it a good opportunity for a change ?? Will Meow still be Meow without all her Meow things ??? Will it be like Superman without his costume ... no powers ??? Who know, we'll just have to wait and see. They say a change is as good as a holiday ... but I DON'T LIKE CHANGE very much !!

Anyway, I had better chooff off and do some more typing (bugger !!).

I hope you all have a stupendously fantabulous weekend. I don't have much planned again ... I hope to come visiting you all over the next couple of days.

Take care, hugs to you all ...



LoraLoo said...

How is it possible I'm the very first to comment this time??!! Hooray!

This blogger world seems soooo big, but you're right, there are so many out there who have no idea what this is all about. When I told a few friends about the beautiful Australian postcards I'd gotten (grin), they wondered where'd I'd met you. Did I meet you somewhere downtown? At a Las Vegas show? I had a good giggle on that.

Have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, please go to your template and save ALL the things on your sidebarthat fall below "sidebar begins" this is right down near the bottom of your template, you know... where you installed them in the first place.
You can now with a calm mind change to Beta and then ressurect all your bits-n-pieces.
Beta is Better!!
BTW, I think your flower is a Yucca.

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts maybe wild hops?

lori said...

You are very busy!

Meow said...

Loraloo ... thank you for being first !!! It is funny, isn't it, how we all "meet". I think it is all so very cool.

Peter ... thanks. I regularly save my whole template ... just in case !!!
You are right, the flower is wild hops ... just couldn't think of it when I wrote it !!

Lori ... yep, sure am !!

Take care, Meow

LittleJen said...

Hi Meow, Thanks for stoping by my blog, have a great weekend.

True Blue Guy said...

busy busy busy !! - I've been so busy too lately - I hope you have been doing good and have an awesome weekend !


Michelle said...

I still remember how amazed you were when introduced to blogging.
I have to wonder whats so great about beta blogging? I am not changing, to be honest i can't find anyone to tell me why its so great? It looks no different.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meow
I agree there a lot out there that have know idea about blog.Saying that I didnt either till Peter encouraged me to give it a go.nice photo wild hops .
Im not changing either still learning this the saying goes. "Dont fix it if its not broken" Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, agree it is very interesting to be able to learn so much about the rest of the world and indeed our own country through the wonders of blogger. You really do keep yourself busy don't you! No chance of boredom in your corner of the world I can see. Cheers Margaret

Meow said...

LittleJen ... thank you. Hope yours is a good one,too.

True Blue Guy ... yay, you're back. You've been missed.

Michelle ... teehee ... I was kinda pathetic at the beginning, wasn't I !!!! I'm not sure about beta blogger yet ... not ready to change, I guess !!

Jeanette ... I agree with you, don't fix what ain't broke !!

Margaret ... thanks. Yep, I do keep pretty busy, but I enjoy it all (most of the time !!).

Take care, all and have a good weekend.
See ya, Meow xx

Heidi said...

Have a great weekend!
ps..What is Gas bagging?

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow. I was intrigued to see you do typing at home, too. I do as well. What sort of typing do you do and who is it for? Wouldn't it be funny if we were "work mates"?

My daughter introduced me to blogging. I had heard of it but didn't know what it was about. Now, I wouldn't be without my blogger friends. It's really something to look forward to, to see what everyone's been up to.

Passed on your huggle to Oscar, which he accepted as his due!!

Talk to you later


green eyed girl on planet earth said...

It is always so much sweeter to see you on here , we all know you are busy as everyone gets , sometimes more often than we like . I am just so happy when I see your back ,I miss you :}
as I am sure many do as well .
I guess I will be following you around again like a pup when the Beta change happens , I need you to hold my hand before I walk in the water so to speak ! LOL
You got me through the first parts in the begining , for that I am eternally thankful :}
Hope you have a great weekend Meow , will be thinking about you and of course GAS BAGGING about you to all my "Local" friends
Squishy Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz
Your friend

Meow said...

Heidi ... ooops, gas-bagging is just a term for chatting, talking to someone.

Robyn ... I emailed you about my typing business, thanks for asking !! So glad that this blogging world is here for us, it is so nice. Glad that Oscar enjoyed his huggle ... thanks.

Greeneyes ... aaawww, thank you. You make me blush, you are too sweet. I don't know about following me around with Beta Blogger ... it scares me to do it all again, but I guess in the long run it will be all of us, and it will be a "have to" situation. I'm sure we'll all be fine. I didn't do much in the beginning, just tried to help you, like I was helped, too !! That's what's so nice about the blogging world, everyone is so eager to help.
Enjoy your weekend, and warm squishy hugs to you, too !!

Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Meow,
I just hate the fact that they are practically bullying us to move over to beta. The problems of our regular system is sure to have something to do with them trying to keep up with the both...I don't like change either.


Meow said...

Connie ... oooh, have you been bullied ?!?!? Or are you referring to the problems with regular blogger, and that may be the way they are encouraging us to move !!! Either way, I hope we don't have to move too soon. I am happy with the way things are !!
Hope your weekend is great.
Take care, hugs to you and yours, Meow

Merle said...

Wow Meow, Don't the weeks just fly?
At least it is cooler today (Sat) after those couple of hot days and nights, Thanks for you comments, the Deck of Cards was popular and I try to find nice things to post. Take care, my friend, Have a great Saturday night and Sunday. Love, Merle.

Gwen said...

Hi Meow.
Always enjoy your post and this one is no exception.
I'm waiting to get Beta{better)I still have a lot to learn.
Those "WILD HOPS"can you make a beer I wonder? Ha'Ha'
Have a good one Meow

brian said...

Evening Meow,

Thanks for the visit and well wishes. I am doing better, not great, but better.

I blog because I need the contact with others, even though I seem to have problems, they would be much worse without all of my friends, including you.

Debbie said...

I think blogging is starting to be noticed by lots more people. Certainly the politicians are aware of it! As are the movie stars! But there are amazingly so lots of people out there who use a computer to type up reports and nothing else! They may do a bit of research but don't really know what else they can do!

For me with out the blogging community my life would be very quiet. I don't have a second car to travel around in so I don't get out very often. I travel through all the wonderful stories and pictures I see on the Internet. I find new patterns to work with, new recipes to cook and any medical advice to make me worry just at the input of a few words and pressing of a key!

I love the flowers you posted. So neat when they grow without aid and almost out of nothing!

I too wish you a great and fun weekend! We are off soon to see what we can get into for the day!

Tammy said...

Thanks for your well-wished on our trip...
Sorry I haven't been here in so long, but I'll be sure to visit again very soon! Sounds like you've been busy! Seems like a lot of us have been that way lately...I was going to say it was the fall season, but then I remembered it's spring in Austrailia! ;)



You're right. Blogger isn't so friendly now-a-days. It has been so rude for the past weeks. About beta....well I have just registered but havent used it yet actually. Don't know what it is actually. Will wait maybe for lots of bloggers to shift. I don't want to lose my blogging friends when I shift just like All Blog is lonely there.
Thanks for dropping by. I missed you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow

Some people don't have the internet at home over here and don't even know what a blog is :).

Love the flower picture. Have a fabulous weekend and Peter is right .. Beta is better.

Belizegial said...

Hi Connie,

Let me guess "gas bagging" means chatting up a storm, eh?

I can only dimly recall what my life was like before I got involved with blogging. However, I did get out more, for sure. lolol

Beta may be better in that it has easier switch buttons but I am with you. Will hold off a bit just yet before I switch templates. Just this week I did switch to yahoo beta mail. The first teensy tiny steps towards entering into beta foreign territory.

Enjoy your weekend!


PEA said...

I had no idea what blogging was until earlier this year..then in March I decided to try it and here I am:-) I never thought in a million years I would find such wonderful friends through blogging...we certainly do have our own little community:-) Those flowers are gorgeous....funny how some just grow wherever...wish they'd grow as nice in our own flower gardens! lol Hugs xox

Nerdine said...

My week has been filled with itswy bitsy things - I'm on vacation, but am going back to work on Monday. I don't want to...
I bought a new Mp3 player I'm totally in love with. 8GB of fun. I have stored 1500 songs and still have room for more. What luxury! (I'm used to having 1GB..)

I haven't changed to Beta either yet. Just haven't even checked what it's all about. I have made major changes on my blog, but am not satisfied. What I really want is a template that is only mine. But I'm not able to make one.

Gazza said...

G'day meow,thanks to my mum (Jeanette), I was able to get in to the blogging world. It certainly helps me keep in touch with all that is happening.

I'm still not sure about beta. A few right ups suggest problems with the updated version. I'll wait until they get the bugs out.

Badoozie said...

i suppose if everyone knew about blogging, it would be too crowded, or take away from the specialness of it all.....

LZ Blogger said...

The week? Heck! Where has the YEAR GONE! ~ jb///

Debras Day said...

Hey how is this, my first blog.
Read your page all the time but never replied before now.
I"ve even set up my own blog but I"m stuck, it will take me awhile to get the hang of it.
Love reading about your adventures.

Saur♥Kraut said...

One way to get over Blogger's picture problem: Upload the photos to and then use the programming code that is in the blogs when you could post pictures, and substitute the photo urls for the blogger ones in your new post.

And I've been bad. I still haven't sent your package. But it will go out today. It has to. I've gotta send out some ebay stuff my customers purchased, and it will go along for the ride. ;o)

Dawn said...

Just came by to say hi...

I still have friends who think I'm strange because they don't understand why I like blogging. I try to explain but until you get out here and experience it you just don't understand. I just love the dear friends I've come to know through this experience.

Have a good week!


slap me happy said...

nice blog meow, nearly fell of my chair when the music started for hubby had the speakers up full belt lol, anyway you guys have had some hot days this week , it's wild isn't it.. Just a bit too hot for oct. Lord knows what we are in for at christmas.
take care for now
off to doc with the baby, still crook.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I think that ended up being a great post.

Never heard about this beta-blog thing. Now you have me concerened,

HeiressChild said...

hi meow,

beautiful flowers.

we've both been pretty busy. i'm studying for mid-terms. have one next monday, and another one i'm working on at home, which isn't due until the 31st.

have a great week.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

love the pic of the flowers..

and i think we bloggers are a specail breed..and we dont just want anybody being able to convert;)

angel, jr. said...

Hi, I hope you had a good weekend.
I had a wonderful weekend full of lunches and shopping with friends. Catching up.
Now, I'm back to the grind again. It's okay, I'm energetic because of my weekend.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Saving a template is a good idea.

Chloe said...

kitty, blogger hasn't sent an invitation to me yet. i always knew blogger was a guy and a rude one it seems.

Meow said...

Hello everyone, thank you all for your lovely comments. Huge apologies for not replying individually to you all ... please continue visiting. This is just a small glitch in my blogging experience ... I haven't got enough time to play ... grrrrr !!
Hope you are all well.
Take care, Meow