Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Weekend Approaches ...

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.
--Earl Nightingale --

Just a quick post from me ... I'm sure I've said enough in the past week, as well as shared enough photos, to last a life time !!

(This photo is from our Sunday at the seaside ... the tide was coming in, and it was fascinating watching the water come through these rocks ... just had to share another one with you ... can't help myself !!)

I really just wanted to wish you all a wonderful weekend. Hope it is full of family, fun and frivolity, and lots of relaxation. We are hoping for a quiet one, with some stay-at-home time, after our full couple of weeks.

Take care, everyone ...

MEOW xxx


BarBarA said...

Oh boy, I'm first! Hey, I LOVE that quote I am so glad you shared it.

Have a great weekend! (There are never too many pics here - they are always so beautiful!)

Anonymous said...

Spooky, just as I was about to comment here, you're comment came in to holtieshouse, time for you to update your photo site Meow, yopu have heaps to choose from... I just revisited the "tree" at Dixons Creek.

PEA said...

We'll never get tired of your beautiful photos!! I wish you a great's Thanksgiving weekend over here in Canada and I have my boys coming home as well as my mom & Ross:-) I have a big turkey dinner to cook...coming over?? lol Hugs xox

Jon Cox said...

Great post & beautiful picture!! I love quotes as well! :o) Thank you very much for stopping by! I'm very glad you enjoy my latest work, especially Saber-Tooth! :o)

Jon Cox said...

Have An Absolutely Wonderful Weekend! :o)

Anonymous said...

Another great picture, thanks for sharing. I love them all!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Meow said...

Barbara ... thank you. I'm glad you liked the quote ... I thought it was fabulous when I received it this morning, and just had to share it.

Peter ... hmmmm, perhaps we are on the same wavelenght ... scary !! I know I have to update my photo site, also my postcard site ... I've been slack (but I've been busy !!)

Pea ... thank you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'd love to join you ... got a spare seat at the table ??

Jon ... thank you. As I've said before, I think your work is great. Keep at it !!

Tink ... thank you so much.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
Take care, Meow xx

Anonymous said...

Hello there Connie, Love your photos and all you post. Thank you for leaving comments at my blog. Glad you liked the story of the blind boy, it was popular. And the Obsession joke
was a goodie. Take care mmy friend and have a wonderful weekend also. Love, Merle.

brian said...

Have a great weekend Meow! Full of yarn and stringy toys and catnip.

momyblogR said...

There are NEVER to many photos....EVER!!!

Have a good one.

FelineFrisky said...

Have a marvelous weekend with your family, Meow! See ya 'round. D :}

Debbie (Fruitful Spirit) said...

You should want for a quiet weekend home after your whirlwind trip! LOL

The picture is wonderful and I for one never tire of seeing your wonderful photographs!

No plans for my weekend but am hoping for a mini day trip somewhere out of the neighborhood. Maybe a bit north to see if the trees are changing as much as they are across the street!

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good weekend yourself, I hope you can never help yourself as far as posting your photos goes, I love seeing them. Thanks for visiting my site. Cheers Margaret

Mistress Regina said...

I enjoy your blogspot. What better than a pussy with attitude.

Support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (.)(.) Make it every month.

Mistress Regina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mistress Regina said...

I begin to wonder at times about this notion of "six degrees". Especially when I see that friends of mine have made their way to the same blog. {noting Brian and Feline Frisky}

The most interesting aspect of this is that I have navigated through comments on I believe 10 blogs to reach you.

Did I mention National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? (.)(.) Yes, I'm sure I did. I think we should make an effort to have it be an international event.

Jenn said...

Nice quote... it directly applies to me this weekend! Everything always takes longer than you think it will, so it's a good idea to get an early start.

Dawn said...

oh wow what a beautiful photo!!

Have a great weekend!


Dick said...

Thank you and a wonderful weekend wish back to you, although you are already well into yours now. Do you have a Thanksgiving holiday this weekend as our Canadian friends do?

Meow said...

Merle ... thank you so much. It's always a pleasure.

Brian ... thank you.

Momyblogr ... thank you.

Felinefrisky ... thank you.

Debbie ... thank you. Hope you get to have your little day trip. Lots of photos please.

Margaret ... thank you.

Mistress Regina ... thank you. I always enjoy new visitors.

Jenn ... thank you. I thought it was an appropriate quote for me, too. It always takes me so long to get started, particularly if it is something I don't really want to do (note ... housework !!)

Dawn ... thank you.

Dick ... thank you. No, we don't actually have a Thanksgiving at all. We do various other celebrations throughout the year, though.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care, friends ... Meow

Nasty Nashe said...

u make me wanna go to australia. hahahha

Diane said...

Hi, Ms. Meow. It's been a while since I've visited you and I see you've been very busy!! What stunning photos from your vacation, and you did a great job captioning the photos, too. It's always been a dream of mine to visit Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. Likely to remain a dream, but your picture make it come alive for me. Thank you for sharing, Connie. :-)

Viamarie said...

Your photos have made me see what beauty places there are outside my country so I hope you don't stop posting them.

Cheers to another enjoyable weekend!

Meow said...

Nasty Nashe ... hi there, long time no see. Hope you are well.

Diane ... thank you. Glad you like the photos. Hopefully your dreams will become a reality one day.

Viamarie ... I'm glad you enjoy the photos. don't worry, I'm sure I will continue posting them ... it's so much fun sharing.

Take care, have a good one ... Meow

LittleJen said...

Thankyou for sharing your Holiday with us, have a great weekend.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Enjoy your weekend; have a wonderful time.

Badoozie said...

i'm willing to bet, you're having a great weekend...hopefully taking lots of pics!

Heidi said...

Love the quote~

Have a great weekend.

Wazza said...

Can never stop looking at photos of our great country. Love the pics and the running stories of your holiday.

Belizegial said...

It's a rainy weekend in Belize! Hope yours is going well :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

you my dear can always talk in my ear.

HeiressChild said...

hi meow, i like that quote on the front. i've learned over the years that if i do a little at a time, eventually it'll all be done. the race is not to the swift, but to the one that endures to the end.

i hope you and your family will have a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing weekend.

Michelle said...

Love all the ocean pictures, makes me home sick for the Portsea Pub! The weather looks perfect too.
Enjoy your weekend :o)

Meow said...

LittleJen ... thank you.

Jean-Luc ... thank you.

Susie ... thanks. Nice weekend, but no pics ... ooops !!

Heidi ... thank you.

Wazza ... thank you. I know what you mean ... I never tire of looking at pics of Australia ... or travelling here, for that matter.

Belizegial ... thank you.

Daybyday ... thank you.

Sylvia ... thank you. Like the tortoise and the hare ... slow and steady wins the race !!

Michelle ... thanks. Don't be homesick ... come on home !!

Hope your weekend is going fabulously ... mine is almost over.

Take care, Meow


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Gwen said...

Hi meow.
Thanks for your comment on my post while absent.Love your photos and quote,sorry I missed coffee I think I missed the weekend too.
But I hope every one else had a good one I " did"I think!!!
Keep well.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hope u had a great weekend Meow;)

Cazz said...

Hope you were able to put your feet up.. if not put on some comfortable slippers, kick back, with a great book, with a box of chocolates to nibble on.. ohhh and a good glass of wine.... well thats my ideal Sunday, but they are very far and few between !!!

Hope you have a good one

Saur♥Kraut said...

A corollary to that is that today really IS the first day of the rest of your life, and you will never be any younger or less wrinkled (short of plastic surgery). ;o)

Meow said...

Bianconero ... thank you. I came over for a visit, left a comment. Please feel free to visit again some time.

Gwen ... wow, you missed the weekend ... must've been a goon one. Hope you are well.

Bossy Britches ... thank you, I did.

Cazz ... mmmm, sounds like my kind of weekend. Not quite what I did, but it was great, anyway.

Saurkraut ... oooh, I like that one, thanks.

Take care, Meow

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Just popping in to say hi!

Meow said...

Dr Deb ... hi, and thanks for stopping by !!
Take care, Meow