Monday, June 21, 2010

My Year (so far) In Pictures ...

Thought I might give you a brief photo journey of what we've been up to this year ...

Our campsite set up on the banks of the Murray River near Cobram / Barooga in December / January ... it was very hot ... we had a ball !!

The beautiful Murray River from our campsite, at sundown.

Visitors at our campsite, on our last day !

Mum, Dad, Baron and myself having a few drink in our spa on a hot day ... the spa had been out of action for a number of years, but Baron managed to get it up and running again. We still need to get the heating aspect of it fixed, but in the hot weather, who needed heating !!

At a waterfall, during our day trip to Woods Point.

A waterfall, found during our drive to Woods Point.

A view of an old property at Woods Point.

An old building in Woods Point.

We had a ripper hail storm during February ... these are just two of the hailstones (they had already shrunk somewhat at this stage !!) ... they did a lot of damage (my car still bears the scars !)

At Easter we stayed at a Farmstay / Campground near Buchan called Stonehenge for five days ... we had a lovely time, and the weather behaved, too !!

Within The Royal Caves at Buchan.

In the Royal Caves at Buchan.

In the Royal Caves at Buchan.

A view from a lookout outside Lakes Entrance, on a day trip from Buchan, during the Easter break.

Elisabeth's grafitti in the sand at Lakes Entrance.

An old rail bridge we discovered on our way back from Lakes Entrance to Buchan.

A little Koala we saw whilst driving near Buchan.

McKillops Bridge, spanning the Snowy River

The Snowy River (it used to be a huge river ... somewhat depleted these days due to it being dammed for hydro-electricity ... I think !)

Portsea Surf Beach ... Mothers Day 2010

Elisabeth & Baron on the pier at Rye ... Mothers Day 2010

A view from the Rye Pier ... Melbourne is in the distance

Well, that's just a brief group of photos of what we've been up to this year ... there are plenty more photos (obviously) ... and we have done other things ... life has been pretty busy. I hope to share more of my world with you again soon.

Don't be shocked ... two posts from me in a matter of a couple of days !!! Hopefully this will now become a regular occurrance again !!)

Bye for now ..

Take care,


Greeneyes said...

I cannot believe it ,I am first in line here YAHOOOOO:-)
I really love all your pics as always they are great snaps of life .I esp like the portsea surf beach ,it is almost like a painting it is so beautiful and full of life ! and the Hot tub whoo hooo , let me in haha,you all look fabulous , really nic pic of you and Gosh you can really see how much Elisabeth looks like you !
And the one of Baron and Chicky LOL she is so teeny isnt she , wow 16!!!are ya grey YET?LMAO!
Baron looks quite handsome there all in his cool shades :-)
So nice to read a little extra about you , FB is Ok but this is so warm and cozy xo
Rubs for the little LAPKITTY Bambi for me .
HUGS and love xoxoxox

Greeneyes(Tee Hee) xoxoxoxo

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A fabulous collection of pictures here, Connie, with some great scenes.