Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update ...

I am very happy, as I have pretty much sorted out my new computer, and installed most of the programs I want.

I had a few glitches, with not being able to install Itunes, or upload photos to Ebay, or even not being able to open many comment boxes on blogs ... now that is tragic !! Anyway, turns out it was to do with an AdWatch program I had running, part of my Norman Anti Virus Software Suite. So, I sorted it out, and all is working as it should.

I went out and bought a wireless router, so that I can run both laptops, wirelessly, off the same broadband connection. Simple process, and we were up and running in no time. It is such a liberating feeling, knowing I am no longer stuck at the desk when I want to be on the 'net !! And Chicky is pretty happy, too, as she doesn't have to compete with me for computer time !!

I was supposed to be attending a picnic lunch yesterday with some fellow bloggers, Val, Gina & Brigid, and a couple others, but some family things came up that I had to attend to. Shame, as I was really looking forward to going. The weather wasn't really brilliant, though, so I wonder how it all went ... must go and check out their blogs !!

Anyway, enough for me ... I need to take Chicky to school, then get myself sorted for work (I am starting at 10 this morning).

So, have a happy Wednesday, everyone, and a great remainder of the week.

Take care,


Diane J. said...

Hi Connie, glad you got your computer issues sorted out.

I hope to get a new laptop and go wireless soon if finances allow for it.

Have a great week!

Love and hugs,


Cecil said... was so good to hear from you! I have been missing in action some here lately, too. I'll be back to visit soon. Hugs to you!!

Peter said...

Hi Connie, just as well you are a 'puter geek or you would still be buried under Vista I think.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are just about up and operating 100% Good for you.
So nice to have you back blogging

Val said...

Gina has some photos up, I may get around to it today. The weather was not kind, but food and company great! We'll have to plan for another picnic soon. Maybe in Jell's Park, closer to you and Miss Eagle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Connie.

So you and Chicky are both computer chicks now, each with your own...well done.

At least mine's going now after spitting the dummy last week.

Talk soon.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow-ee! Sounds good, Michelle. Life—and computing—can be wonderful at times. Have fun! Lot of fun! As Alex would say, “OK?”

CiscoKid said...

Cool toys, particularly when new are so much fun.

Desk tops are becoming just storage for large files, music and pictures, while lap tops are used for justa bout everything else.
Take care..

Lee said...

Good to see you have everything up and in good running order again, Connie. There's nothing more frustrating than when our computers are not behaving in the manner we wish them to! :)

Snow White said...

Hi Connie, glad all well with you, I have hardly had five minutes to get on the net this last couple of weeks. Noah going through that stage of wanting to be held constantly which is hard. Cooking dinner etc seems to take so much longer as does typing lol. Take care and I will catch up with you soon. I have misplaced your address could you please email it to me when you get a minute ta

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...wireless rocks!! Best invention since tube socks

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Enjoy the new computer!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Diane ... thank you. Wireless is neat ... too cool.

Cecil ... great to hear from you, too.

Peter ... yep, that's me, the computer geek LOL.

Connie ... thank you.

Val ... Gina's photos are great, as are Miss Eagle's ... where're yours ?? Jells Park would be nice ... I hope nothing stops me next time.

Puss In Boots ... glad your puter's up and running again ... nothing worse !!

Nick ... thanks you. Big cuddles to Alex, please.

Cisco Kid ... I prefer laptops, they are portable, and don't take up as much room as desktops ... and basically, they can do everything a desktop can!

Lee ... hmmm, misbehaving computers ... nasty stuff !!

Shona ... Aaah, the fun stage ... he'll get over it, but it is frustrating, isn't it !! I will email you my address soon.

BaDoozer ... I agree

Silverneurotic ... thanks.

Take care everyone, hugs to you all ... Meow