Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogger Songs CD

Hello Friends,

I have a bit of a dilemma, which I hope you can help me solve, regarding the Blogger CD I am creating ...

From all the comments, I have collated 62 songs, which, when burned as an AUDIO CD, takes up almost 4 CD's. However, when burned as an MP3 CD, it only takes up one.

Here is the question ... of all of you who have requested a copy of the disc (DIANE, DRAMA DIVA, CLARE, PEA, PUSS-IN-BOOTS, MERLE, CONNIE, KRISTY, EBUN, RENAE, JEANETTE, GWEN, GRANNY (ANN), ENID & CATSMUM ... hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone ... if there is anyone else, please email me your address), which format would you prefer ? From what I understand, most CD Players these days can play MP3 discs, although some of you many not have one that does. However, you all obviously have computers ... so the music can be played that way !! Anyway, please let me know which format you want, so I know what to do ... thanks ... your help would be appreciated.

As I said, I will be making the copies and sending them over the next few weeks.

Eagerly awaiting your answers ... thanks !!

Take care,


Chrixean said...

Hey! What songs are you compiling? Might be something I'd want to have to :D

Peter said...

Hi Meow, for anyone who is unsure whether their CD players will play MP3 discs I am ALMOST certain that all DVD players will play them, I know mine does.
Will you put me down for an MP3 disc please, I'll resend my address in case you no longer have it.

Merle said...

Hi Connie ~~ The MP3 Disc will be fine for me and I hope better for you. I am glad that Peter posted about his Marilyn Monroe thing o.
And I hope there is a lot of water going into the catchment areas. Poor people in Gippsland. No power or heating in some places. I have really
enjoyed the visit with my grand kids.
They are all a mile taller than me.
Take care, Connie, Love, Merle.

PEA said...

Hi Meow:-) The mp3 format is good with me!! xox

Ba Doozie said...

I wouldn't mind having one in mp3, You had sent me a disc some time ago, I loaded it on my itunes and when my computer went down I lost it all, and then I could not find the original disc. I really did like that music!!

Renae said...

Hello, MP3 is fine with me....hey, that rhymes! I'm a poet and didn't know !! K, enough. Peter is right, all dvd players will play mp3s.Such a thoughtful thing for you to do. Take care, and blessing's to you for a great day!!


LZ Blogger said...

Meow ~ It is usually much easier for a CD player to play MP3's, than it is the other way around! But in either case... it is very nice of you to do for your blogger buddies! ~ jb///

Diane J. said...

MP3 should be fine for me, Connie. Whatever's easiest and cheapest to make/send. :-)

Love and hugs,


Michael Manning said...

I'll bet it has "What's New Pussycat?" from Tom'sold "Live at the Flamingo, right? A cool idea, Meow!

Nicole said...

I must have been having a day trip off the planet the day this was arranged. Sounds like a groovy idea Connie. Peter is right though.... all dvd players and computers will be able to play the format, so you can save time and money on that idea. Have fun my friend. xox

Cecil said...

Hey Meow.. thanks for the comment..yes we are a close family and it is fun!! I look forward to weekends.. and then Monday and Tuesday..I am so blessed!

zzop357 said...

Hey Meow,thanks for the visit and I hope you come back again soon.I just don't have time to post much right now,but I'll make up for it soon.
Take care my friend ;)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Meow-Meow...umm...I have a CD player and I have the computer. I don't have a DVD player (not yet anyway). I'm not sure about this, so can I let you choose for me?

Yes, I know, I'm totally uncool, but hey, I think I've done pretty well managing thus!


catsmum said...

whichever is going to be easiest and cheapest for you is fine with me sweety.

Meow said...

Chrixean ... it is a bunch of songs which I asked all you bloggers to choose for me !!

Peter ... thanks for the advice ... I may just leave it at MP3 discs !! Got you address, thanks.

Merle ... thanks. Hasn't it rained a lot. We haven't got floods, but Gippsland sure is suffering. Glad you are enjoying your grandkids.

Pea ... thanks, no probs.

BaDoozie ... thanks, I have emailed you.

Renae ... thanks.

LZ Blogger ... thank you. Do you want one, too ??

Diane ... thanks. MP3 it is then.

Nicole ... thanks ... would you like one, too ?

Michael ... don't worry, I haven't forgotten What's New Pussycat !!

Cecil ... thanks.

Donna ... nice to see you again.

Puss-In-Boots ... thanks. You should be able to play MP3 discs in your computer, if it won't play in your CD player.

Catsmum ... thanks. MP3 it is, then.

Take care, all ... Meow

Clare said...

Hi Meow

The Mp3 format is fine with me and thanks so much for doing this. It's an awesome idea.

Have a great weekend.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I want one MP3 is fine. I'll send you one back :) if you do.

dragonflyfilly said...

me too, me too (oh, here comes the sun!) not the song, the real thing...anyway, i will e-mail you in the next few hours or so.

i think i'm burning something on the stove!

Meow said...

Clare ... thanks. MP3 it is !!

DaybyDay ... thanks, and no need (unless you want to !!)

Dragonflyfilly ... thanks. Looking forward to your email.

Take care, Meow