Thursday, March 15, 2007

Testing, Testing, 1.2.3......

Hello fellow Bloggers,

Just a quick note from me, to try out a new program I have found ... Windows Live Writer (Beta), which (apparently ... let's see if it works) should allow me to post to my blog, and insert pictures much easier ... hmmm, I wonder.

Here goes, I'm going to press post ... hang on, I'll add a piccy !!

OK, scrap that idea ... apparently my weblog does not support the uploading of pictures ?!?!?!

Let's try the text, though ... PUBLISH ...

UPDATE>>> Well, although I'm disappointed that it wouldn't upload a picture ... I think I need to work on that one !! I am impressed with the speed with which it uploaded my post ... nice and simple, too !! Have a look yourselves, it might work for you. Or, if any of you already use it, let me know if it allows you to upload pictures, please !!

I've been busy working these past 2 days ... gosh, I've got a sore butt, from sitting all day (it seems different to when I'm sitting all day here at home in front of the computer ... maybe I get up and wander around more often ... to the fridge, to the pantry, to the fridge, to the loo !!!!) I am enjoying work, though ... the money sure is nice, too !!

Anyway, gotta go ... need to do some stuff, and watch a bit of TV (Lost is on ... yay !!).

Have a great Friday, everyone (or Thursday, if that's where you are still at ... it's almost 8.30pm here).

Take care,



Heidi said...

Happy Friday Meow..Have a great weekend!

Gattina said...

I have seen it but didn't download it (or whatever) haven't really payed attention. Happy to hear you like your new job. We have wonderful spring weather for the moment and it seems to me that people are much more friendly ! Arthur even visited a neighbor !

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Back to the drawing board there.

Meow said...

Heidi ... thank you, you too.

Gattina ... I'm not sure whether I'll bother with it now, not being able to post pictures ... waste of time. Anyway, glad your spring weather is nice ... we are getting some rain at the moment ... yay !! Have a great weekend.

Jean-luc ... yep, you are soooo right !!

Take care, Meow

Clare said...

Hey Meow

Hope all is well with you and have a great weekend.

Val said...

Too bad about not being able to post photos, I was all set to try out some new software! About a year ago Blogger offered a way of posting using Word, but they warned that after downloading the extra software, Outlook wouldn't work - I use that for my email so I didn't go for it. It sure looked like it was easier to post stuff though, and I thought that included better options for placing photos, a real bugbear in Blogger.

Meow said...

Clare ... thank you.

Val ... I saw the one Word had, tried it ... it didn't work for me !! Guess we have to perservere with Blogger ... bugger !!! Oh well, it's a pretty good FREE program, I guess we shouldn't complain (too much !!).

Take care, Meow