Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring .....

Yay, it has been raining most of the night ... good, steady, drenching rain, too !! It came after a stinking 37ºC (around 100ºF) hot and windy day. Such a weird thing to happen, this late in March. Apparently it was the hottest late March day since about 1940. It was also around 25ºC overnight (on Thursday night), which made for a very tiring day on Friday. (Shame ... the rain has eased off for the moment ... hope we will get heaps more.)

Fortunately, I got everything done that I needed to, quite early in the day, on Friday. I dropped Chicky off at school at 10 past 8 (they start at 20 past 8), then went grocery shopping. I was home again by 9 ... not bad going, huh ?!?! I was going to go out again, to exchange my MiniMax (CDMA portable internet doodad) for the new 3G network internet doodad, but decided I couldn't be bothered ... too hot. I caught up on emails, fiddled around, tidied up a bit, and then parked myself on the couch for the rest of the day, reading (I finished a great Faye Kellerman Book ... Stone Kiss) and watching TV. I was actually waiting for the Foxtel Cable repair man, who was coming "between 12 noon and 5pm" to sort out a problem we were having with our cable TV thingy ! Our doorbell doesn't work, and the airconditioner was on (which is in the wall above my computer desk, and quite noisy ... but oh-so cool !), and I was worried I wouldn't hear him when he arrived, so I stayed in the lounge room all afternoon (it was a good excuse to vegetate for the day, anyway !!). The repair man finally arrived around 4pm, fixed the problem in around 15 minutes, and was gone !!! Shame they can't pinpoint an arrival time better ... I could have had 4 hours of running around, shopping, etc ... oh well !!

The rest of my week went well, too. I worked on Wednesday and Thursday ... had really good days, which went very fast. I am getting better organised, with my work and home routine, now, so things are going very nicely. I have been doing some yummy cooking (even though they were pretty fast meals ... nutritious, though !!) Looking forward to cooler weather, when I can make soups, casseroles, and other one-pot meals, where I can make enough for a couple of days ... much easier on those days I work !!

Oh well, that's enough for me for now. Hope you all have a great weekend. We are about to head off to netball (it's week 2 of the "Winter" season for Chicky !!). Then off to my parent's place for lunch, then back home. Chicky is going to the local school fair this afternoon, with a couple of friends ... she is mega-excited, can't wait to go on the rides (if I was honest, I'd say I wanted to go on with her, too, but I won't cramp her style ... she doesn't need mum along !!). Hubby and I will meet them there later this afternoon, before it gets dark, to walk them home (no parking to be found, anywhere near the fair ... it is pretty full-on).

Daylight savings finishes tonight here in Victoria. Better remember to change my clocks (now, do I put them forward, or back ... hmmmmm !!!).

Take care,


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

We "spring" forward here in the States. But didn't you guys just have summer?

Anyway, I love a nice rainfall every now and again. The cats and I make it cuddle time. It's the best!

Greeneyes said...

Hello Dear Meow,

sounds like you had a bonus free day , put your feet up and AHHHHH! nice , you deserve it , I know Iknow , you could have fit in alot on that time slot but it was time well spent charging that hard working battery of yours .LOL

I hope you get loads of cool rain , sounds really hot and stuffy , poor Meow (evil grin) I am enjoying the rain as well but mine is freezing rain LOL
and you know the comment of wanting to go and be with Chicky , you are , she carries you always in her heart XO

and the clocks ha ha ! over
here it is spring ahead and fall back ,that is how I remember it so I guess your headed into fall ??

Hugs to you PUSSYCAT

Lee said...

Great to hear it's raining down your way, Meow. It's been drizzling on and off up here for the past couple of days...nothing too heavy, unfortunately. I love rain and much of it!

Have a great weekend. :)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

100 in the winter??? I just couldn't relate.

We just got into spring.

I would have thought there you would have central air. We don't have air, but often wish we did in August.

Diane J. said...

As often as I visit you, I still can't get over the upside down weather from here in the States and there in Australia. You're leaving Summer and going into Fall, and we're leaving Winter and heading into Spring. It's been unseasonably warm here for Spring, but the flowers and trees love it and are blooming away.

Hope it keeps raining and breaks your drought for good.

Happy Weekend, Meow!



Connie said...

You are always such a busy lady so I must say your day sounded heavenly. Your body was probably saying thank you.

Have a great weekend,

Gattina said...

Gosh, that's really something with the weather ! on your side of the globe it's to hot and here after a little spring feeling it's cold again (6°) and windy. Apparently workers are the same in the whole world, here too you have to wait until somebody finally shows up after hours of waiting ! Tomorrow we celebrate 50 years of Europe's creation and I will publish something about it, if it interests you. My cats are laying around in all available beds, it's too wet outside !

DellaB said...

Hi Meow, yes we've been having some really good rain on and off over the last few weeks. It's been a real blessing for all my new plants, and for my poor shoulders, lugging the watering can.

hahaha - I work for AUSTAR PayTv on the support desk, so I sometimes get to speak to customers who are 'waiting for a tech' - the standard reply to why they cannot give a specific time, is that they don't know from one house to another what they are going to find needs to be done, sometimes, like with your job, it's in and out in 15 minutes, but other times they are stuck on one job for hours.

Thank you for your good wishes on my 1st blogiversary post, very much appreciated.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Our clocks in Britain are going forward....I think!

Renae said...

Good day ! We had to put our clocks ahead 2 weeks ago,a little early this year. Not sure why yet.
I always tell myself "Fall' back and 'Spring' ahead."...kinda goes with the seasons, lol ! Take care and have an awesome day ! Cheers ......


Devil Mood said...

We had a similar phenomenon last Autumn too- it was summer-hot until November. It was crazy. But then the Winter came and we had plenty of rain, or at least more than usual.
Glad you had a good week! You'll sleep one less hour tonight least, I think so! :P Or is it different on the southern hemisphere? I feel such a fool now!

The Lazy Iguana said...

It is raining here too! And it is hot. Or at least getting hot. It is AC season here.

Peter said...

Hi Meow, I am ever so slowly catching up with the folk on my blogroll... nearly finished the Aussie's, still lots to go.
I hope you put your clocks BACK or you will be very out of step.

Meow said...

Well, I did remember to put the clocks back ... that was right, wasn't it !?!

Thanks everyone.

Take care, Meow