Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kids ...

Hi There !!

I've often wondered if kids these days realise how good they have it (well, the majority of them have it good, I know there are exceptions).  They have so much handed to them on a platter, it's a wonder they are able to get on in this world on their own.  I think we, as parents, often do too much for our kids ... I know that I am guilty of this !!

For example : 

My daughter (I've always called her Chicky on this blog, but you all probably know her name is Elisabeth) is currently doing Year 11 at Tafe (this course is the equivalent to Year 11 VCE, only trade orientated, rather than academia orientated).  She needs to catch a train or bus from a local bus depot each morning to get there.  She could catch a bus from the end of a nearby street, but that would mean her getting up and leaving the house earlier than she already does (we usually leave home around 7.25am).  So, I drive her to the bus depotevery school morning.  She does catch the bus home, though, getting home at around 5.30pm ... a long day away from home !! 

Chicky also works part-time (at a hairdressing salon in Knox City, usually all day Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday nights, all day Saturday and all day most Sundays). I usually take her at the start of her shift, and wait around (sometimes for up to an hour) for her to come out at the end of her shift, to take her home again.  I also drop her over at her boyfriend's place, and pick her up.  I am her taxi driver (but do I get paid ... NOOOOO .... I could be earning a fortune !!). 

On Saturday nights, she often stays over at a friend's place ... so instead of me sleeping in like a normal person, and letting her find her own way to work (her friend doesn't live too far away from there... walking distance almost !), I set my alarm, message her at the appropriate time to make sure that she is up and getting ready, then hop in my car to pick her up and take her to work !!!  I hope she appreciates it !! 

I know you are probably all thinking that I am nuts, that I need to let go and allow her to become more independent ... but she is my only child, a girl, she is not yet 18 ... she will grow up and become independent soon enough !! Whilst I can still help her, I will ... so there !!!  Am I nuts ... for sure ... but that's just me !!!  I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there somewhat over-protective of my child !?!?!  There will be a time, soon enough, I am sure, that I will be wishing that she wasn't independent, that I knew where she was, that she needed me ... I can't say that I am looking forward to that time very much :(

As far as Chicky is concerned, she is a good kid, who genuinely appreciates what she has (mostly), and doesn't really take advantage of our generosity (any more than a normal teenager does, anyway !!).  But, when watching TV, and walking through the shopping centres, it isn't hard to pick out the kids that are taking major advantage of their good fortune, and generally being horrible people ... they are nasty to their parents, and just treat everyone like dirt, as though they are better than everyone else.  These kids need a swift kick up their behinds, and need to be taught that life isn't just all about them.  It's sad to see, as these are the kids that will find it hard to get on with their lives, and who will get themselves in trouble.

Kids sure are a product of their environment ... and I hope that the environment that Chicky has grown up in will will help her become a responsible adult, who is kind and loving towards others, and won't let others take advantage of her.  So far, so good ...

So, that was my spiel for this post ... sorry it was a ramble, but it was what was on my mind at the time.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Take care,


Merle said...

Hi again Connie ~~ Great post again about parenting which is so important
in this day and age. You are so good to Elisabeth and trying so hard to keep her safe, which I am sure she appreciates. I for one, do not think
you are nuts, just a loving Mum and if she forgets to say thanks sometimes, so what. She is working towards her future employment and you are helping her. So many are not so lucky. Love to you all, Merle.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Thanks, Merle ... you know, Elisabeth is an amazing kid, she works so hard (both completing her school year, and maintaining her position at work). With a bit of luck, in a few weeks, when school is finished, she will be signing up with the salon for a full time apprenticeship (which is what she wants to do, to be a hairdresser). She is setting a great example to other kids, I think, and is a credit to herself. I don't mind helping her as much as I can ... she deserves it all.
Love to you, too xx

Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ The weather has been really nice and I see we are to have a couple of 28 degrees, now that is getting close to hot.
Good luck with you gardening. I have some biggish pots, one with lovely parsley, another with lovely chives and another with mint, but it grows anywhere. I bought the chives and parsley in punnets as I like to see things growing. A bit impatient.
I am glad Elisabeth is doing so well with her school work and hope she gets her apprenticeship.
Take care dear friend, Love, Merle

Gina E. said...

I think you are a great Mum, and that Elisabeth is one very fortunate young lady! I also think she probably realises that, so I don't see you have any mother-daughter issues in the future;-)