Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Blogaversary To Me !!

Hi There,

I know it's been awhile, and I'm not going to make any excuses ... suffice to say, I am here now !!

And, it is my 4 year anniversary of my first blog post today, the 28th of November.

Wow, 4 years of blogging (although during the past year the posts have been few and far between !)

I still remember the excitement, and hesitation, on starting this blog. Wondering if anyone would actually read what I wrote, wondering if anyone would comment. It has been an incredible experience, this whole blogging thing, and I feel sad that I have not continued it with the gusto that I began. But, I am still here, and I do still regularly read many of your blogs via my google reader (although I don't comment as often as I should).

I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you, who have made this blogging experience so incredibly special to me. You are all wonderful, amazing people, and I feel so very special to have "met" you all.

I hope to still be around on the blog scene for some time yet, even though it may be sporadically !! So, keep an eye open for those rare updates to my blog ... you may even find something interesting to read or look at !!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone ...

Take care,


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Happy 4 year Blogiversary, Connie! Mine is coming up at the end of January.

Hope all is well with you, B. & E, not to mention the lovely Ms. Bambi. :o)

Love and hugs,


Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy anniversary, Connie. It's good to see you do put up a keep posting when you can. I hope all is well in your world.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy blogaversary. Well done on reaching this milestone.

Dick said...

It is good to hear from you again! I am about a month behind you in the length of time I've been posting to my blog and I've also slowed down a lot from the early period. But I guess I will also keep mine going, sporadically, at least for now.

Clare said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog Connie (a bit belated). Since Facebook came on the scene I don't have time to check blogs as often or even write as much as I used to but it's still nice to come back when I do and read what you've been up to.

Pearl said...

Congratulations on your Blogiversary. Blogging has opened up such a wonderful world. I am so blessed to have met you and so many other wonderful people.

Take care.

Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ Congrats on your 4th blogging anniversary - well done.
Mine comes up on Dec 28th, also 4 years. I prefer blogging to Facebook as I don't really understand it, but have 10 grandkids on it.

Enjoy your camping at Cobram and if in Shepp you are always welcome to pop in for a cuppa or whatever.
Love to Baron and Elisabeth and a Merry Christmas to you all and a
very Happy New Year in 2010.
Love and Hugs, Merle.

Lee said...

Did you run away with Santa, Connie???

Anonymous said...

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