Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Trivia ...

Hi Everyone,

Not much to say today, really, but thought I'd check in anyway !!

Chicky came home from school this morning, about an hour after the school day started ... she is all stuffed up with a head cold, and was feeling totally crap. She spent the day on the couch ... isn't it amazing how as the day goes by, and it is almost normal school finish time, those "sick" kids suddenly are feeling really well again !!!

I have finally started snail-mailing out the Blogger Songs CD that I wrote about many, many posts ago. I have sent out all the Aussie ones (I hope ... oh yeah, Gwen ... I need your address, please ... I will email you !!), and a few overseas ones. I will continue to mail out a few each week, until they are all done ... hope some of you don't mind waiting a little longer ... they will get to you !!

I checked out my blog through Firefox the other day ... OMG, my poor dancing kitty is going at 100 mph ... looks really freaky. Think I prefer it through Internet Explorer !! Although, with a few of your blogs, I need to use Firefox, as some freeze with Internet Explorer ... what's with that !?!?

It's been an extremely windy day here today ... the cat is going psycho ... what is it with cats and the wind !! I haven't, yet, had to rescue any washing from the line ... it is all dry, though, but I have been too lazy to take it in !!

I am working tomorrow ... should go quick, as Wednesday's are pretty busy.

Nothing much else, really. My dinner is almost ready ... better get to it before it burns.

Enjoy the remainder of your week, everyone.

Hugs to you all ....

Take care,


Alice said...

Hope Chicky recovers quickly - can't have these kids slacking off from school, can we?.....lol.

Have a good day at work tomorrow. What do you work at?

Val said...

I use Firefox and I always thought your kitty was dancing a bit frenetically! Now I look at it on Internet Explorer and it's oh so s...e...d...a...t...e (d)?

Feeling better when school is over? Chicky sounds normal to me!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Alice ... yep, she does recover quickly ... hmmm, I wonder. My work is just data entry sort of stuff, nothing exciting.

Val ... Firefox makes my kitty so scary !! Thanks, yep, Chicky is very normal ... lOL.

Take care, Meow

Diane J. said...

I use Firefox all the time, so I thought your kitty was always hyper, LOL! ;D

Yep, Chickie sounds like an average kid to me. I always made Jessica stay in bed when she was home "sick". No TV, etc. I always knew when she was really sick - no arguments about the TV or getting out of bed, etc. ;D

Same ol' same ol' here as well, Connie. I much prefer this to the wrong kind of excitement, though...

It's much too hot to hang clothes on the line here. We're supposed to be over 100F here today and for the next week or more. It's brutal heat and humidity.

Take care, Connie. :-)

Love and hugs,


Jeanette said...

Hi Meow,wishing Chicky a speedy recovery,and Looking forward to recieving CD...(((((HUGS))))).Jen

Laura Stamps said...

My cats can't stand the wind either. I think is because it moves their whiskers and fur, and you know how cats are...they always think the monsters are lurking in a corner waiting to jump out and get them. Maybe they think wind is a monster tickling them, and that is what makes them so nervous about the wind? But really the wind is just wind faeries having a good time. You would think cat faeries would think that is a good thing!

Devil Mood said...

I didn't know cats had "issues" with the wind, but I never had a cat of my own to watch it. It's probably because their ears are very sensitive, don't you think?
I hope Chicky gets to 100% soon. Having a cold sucks, especially when we want to run around and be active.

Dawn said...

Ok now I'm going to go look at your site on Firefox...now I'm curious.. :)

Hope Chicky is feeling better!

PEA said...

Hi Connie:-) I have a friend whose daughter always says how sick she feels in the morning before school starts...at first they let her stay home but then they caught on and now tell her she'll be fine once she gets to school! lol Yup, I've noticed too how different some blogs look when loaded through IE or Firefox...I always use Firefox and actually today your kitty is dancing very calmly! lol I'm so looking forward to getting the cd but don't rush, just whenever you can send it:-) xoxo

Kali said...

g'day miss Meow...hope you're having a good day at work today, and that Chicky is feeling much better and back at school. My teenager had most of last week off with a cold and cough, so hope it doesn't develop into something too long term.
We got the wind down here late last night...it was blowing a hooley! There's more forecast later today (at least the washing dries quick fast LOL)..
take care, hugs Kali

Lee said...

Keep a close eye on Chicky, Connie...with that flu that's around, take good care. I hope she's on the road to recovery as I write. :)

I'm on Firefox, too...I just thought Kitty was over-excited to see me! ;)

Gattina said...

I gave up IE because it never showed me slide shows or videos and I didn't even know that you had music on your blog ! With Firefox I have no problems at all. I am still on holidays at the english coast, the sea is of an unreal blue the seagulls shout and these old english coast towns are just lovely. I use the computer in my room early mornings when everybody is still asleep, cats included ! There are 4 at my disposal ! Today we will go to London doing some shopping and visiting my friend's daughter.

Tammy said...

Just stopping in to say hi!
My little one has had one of those lingering coughs for over a week...but it's finally going away. But it's summer here, so I always think that no one is supposed to be sick in the summertime! ;) Glad your Chicky was well enough to get up when school would have been over! LOL Always good sign!
Take care! :)

The Lazy Iguana said...

School-itus. Very common. But I remember those days. There were times I was really not feeling well, but got better the same day. Of course this does not happen anymore because my immune system is as lazy as I am. But back then things were more active.

I thought the dancing cat thing was always on high speed. I only use Firefox. Now you are going to make me load IE.

Melinda said...

Hi Connie,
Long time no chat !! Hope Chicky is back at school and over whatever she had, Hope it was just school-itus LOL.
Firefox tried it but didn't like it I think I am just too used to explorer.

Have a great weekend, we really must catch up soon

Take Care - Say Hi to the family.


catsmum said...

when my kids were at school, the 'sick day' rule was " If you're too sick to go to school, you're too sick for the computer, the tv or reading " If they still stayed home, then I knew it was genuine.

catsmum said...

oh and btw, VAL is visiting this weekend!!

Greeneyes said...

Meow ,
I hope Chicky is feeling better for SCHOOL LOL Miss you , hope to catch you soon and have a good chat ,I seen your kitty going a 100 miles an hour but didnt realize it was the search engine doing it , I thought my comp had a meltdown or something , thats why I thought it was doing disco dancing on the Mozilla , speed walking kitty LOL
Hope to catch MY Queen very soon
Love and HUGS

PS ;hope you are feeling like sunshine and kittens , and up to your normal wonderful self . looking forward to your new writing project (If u want to share )

Merle said...

Hi Connie ~~ Hope Chicky is better
and nothing worse eventuated.
My MP3 arrived today, thank you so much Connie and it plays well. I will
thoroughly enjoy it when I have more time to listen right through.So you don't have to worry about bottled water, but the key cards was interesting, a little alarming for
those who use them. Take care dear Connie, Love, Merle.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Connie

Poor Chicky...I hope she's not getting that awful flu! Fingers crossed for her.

That CD will be wonderful...I can't wait!

Hugs xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

I sure hope Chicky is feeling better by now.
Have a wonderful, HEALTHY weekend. I hope you don't catch whatever illness Chicky has!!
Time to take your vitamin C.